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  1. I downloaded the last kext file... The ethernet did not work but i saw something. when i start up the Mac os X, the kext file is loaded, but when i go to put the ethernet cable on my hackintosh then the kext file is going to unload. i dont know why... Manually i load again the kext file but nothing.... Any help? i installed the IOPCIfamily 2.5.4 but i had kernel panic and show me the dependencies Yokon2 -->IONetworking-->IOPCIfamily
  2. Hi guys, I have update my Mac OS X to 10.5.5 few months ago. All were ok but after few days, new updates from Apple releases. I don't remember the name for updates but were the last update from Apple. I installed them but now i have a major problem. The usb ports don't recognize anything. I tried all things but nothing... (I used PCGen to work fine my USB ports but now nothing). So any suggestions? At start up i get this message: failed to load com.AnV.Software.driver.PCGenUSBEHCI which is the kext for USB .... Sorry for my English....
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    Newest Cider version from Gametap

    What about Pro Evolution Soccer 08?
  4. Noullis

    Pro Evolution Soccer 08

    I tried it but again nothing...
  5. Noullis

    Pro Evolution Soccer 08

    I tried to play Pro Evolution Soccer 08 with Cider on my Mac OS and I saw the intro movie.But later nothing. Just Stopped. Any ideas?
  6. Noullis

    Pro Evolution Soccer 08

    I tried this way but nothing. Just black screen. Any other hopes?
  7. Noullis

    Pro Evolution Soccer 08

    Is there any way to play PES 06/08 to Mac OS X? Please I want very much to play this game
  8. Noullis

    Processor Help

    I installed Jac Os 10.4.9 and now my processor changed. Mac OS x recognizes that i have 2.3Gz and data Path 200 Mhz and now is slow. Before it was fine, processor was 1.83 Ghz and 533mhz Data path and this is my processor. Sorry for my English. Please tell me what i have to do to fix it. When i write this command sysctl -a in terminal it write me the write processor T2400.....????