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  1. I'm pretty sure that in most cases it's the video uploader who is in control of "blocking" the video from being displayed on mobile devices, and many times they may not even know it. I know this only because a new video that I just uploaded was not playing on my iphone (same message you all are getting)... I went into the settings on the video, and right there, under the "Syndication" section, it was checked "No, this video should not be available on mobile phones and TV." I have no clue how this setting was selected, as for every other video that I've uploaded, the default was the opposite. Anyhow, I checked the box for "Yes, make this video available on mobile phones and TV. Note, the video may not be available on all devices due to copyright or licensing issues" and it was instantly available on my iphone. Apparently, there are some studios that are intentionally blocking all of their content from being available on mobile devices due to copyright issues (why, I dunno), but I would guess most other videos are in the same boat mine was in - somehow, the syndication setting was erroneously set to "no."