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  1. downgrading bootcamp

    few months ago i updated my os to snow leopard but it already had bootcamp installed and the windows is already running after i finished the update everything when smooth until few weeks after that my apple keyboard is not working correctly and i can't use the special features of the keyboard such as increase/decrease sound and brightness when i press it i just went to the normal function and i found out that the windows recognized my keyboard as a standard keyboard so then i install the apple keyboard driver from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43983 but it says "Error = Apple Keyboard Not Found" can someone help me it really sucks without the special features so i was thinking to downgrade my bootcamp does something going to happen if i do that? btw my bootcamp version is 3.1 and i want to downgrade it to version 2.0 thanks.
  2. All Bootcamp Drivers for vista

    i got the same problem maybe someone can help me with it btw im not using wireless keyboard and my bootcamp version is 3.1 thanks