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    Clover General discussion

    How didn't I know that... Oh well, that could have saved me a lot of time... Anyways, this partitioning method wasn't working for me, so knowing I had nothing to lose (I made the backup earlier), I went on and erased the drive. Now I partitioned it using diskpart on Windows and created 4 separate drives using GPT once again... And installed it. Mountain Lion installation was well, simple as having another Mac and my disk, and using CCC to restore the image I made to it. Going back to Clover UEFI was really easy, just mount the EFI partition I made earlier (which had Windows' EFI in there) and just threw in the bunch of folders Clover needs. So I'm happy for now...
  2. Picu97

    Clover General discussion

    haha I meant to ask how I could put Windows as an option in Clover (now that I'm booting using UEFI with it). Mountain Lion works fine here. I am not able to use Chameleon as a local bootloader because of this EFI thing (I can disable it on BIOS but to add a local boot option you actually need an .efi file so that's a no-go) My laptop is booting via UEFI to Clover, so as to boot Mountain Lion from it (locally) and evade the use of a USB stick to do so (Chameleon, Chimera, etc...) I read somewhere that if you partition a drive with one partition being Mac OS (Journaled) and other being MSDOS (FAT), the partition table will be created as a hybrid GPT/MBR. I did this when I installed ML for the first time, and yes I selected GUID. Knowing this I just made a CCC image, erased the drive using just Mac OS (journaled) formatted partitions and restored from it. I'll be trying to install Windows again in a minute. I'll post back. (I need to note that as I am using a laptop, I only have one local drive, so I must install OS X and Windows on the same disk ) I am completely, 100% sure it's a GPT disk, plus I only have 1 disk to install both OSs. Now that I know I partitioned it using both Mac OS and FAT partitions, and hence got a hybrid PT, I just erased the disk correctly and I'm now trying to install Windows again. Thanks everyone, I'll post back.
  3. Picu97

    Clover General discussion

    Hey, I just formatted my disk and installed Mountain Lion using GPT and booting through Clover. Now, I try installing Windows, but whenever I try to choose a partition where to install, it says that it's formatted to MBR, and that in EFI mode the disk must be partitioned with GPT, which actually is... Okay, I managed to install it by disabling EFI temporarily. Now, is there any way I can get Clover to boot Windows from EFI? Is there a guide on this?
  4. Hi, thanks for replying Where can I download Slice FakeSMC? And I dont know, but its strange because once I disable Verbose boot, both keyboard and mice disable just after the Apple logo (when the pointer appears theres 1 sec or two when you can use the mouse, but then it is disabled completely. Thanks
  5. Picu97

    Clover General discussion

    OK this is awkward.. I tried installing Clover by checking to install to ESP (which is enabled by default when checking Install for UEFI motherboards) As it seems, the installer attempts to load disk0s2, which actually isn't my EFI partition (which is disk0s5), so it fails to install. I tried doing it manually, but it wouldn't recognize any boot args, and so, still no keyboard-mouse... Ideas?
  6. Picu97

    Clover General discussion

    Well thanks for he fast reply. I'll try upgrading and posting back soon
  7. Picu97

    Clover General discussion

    Hey, I'm using Clover v2 1995. I wanted to disable Verbose boot flag (-v) but if I do so from the Clover GUI, my keyboard and mice will not work. Any ideas why? I'm just plain noob at this.
  8. Hello everyone, first post in here. So, I installed Mountain Lion into my Asus N56VZ and used Clover v.2 1995 to boot from UEFI. Problem is, whenever I try to boot without the -v flag in Clover, I am not able to use my mouse, trackpad or keyboard, they are all disabled! This is the log from the boot up without Verbose: Now WITH Verbose (so my keyboard and mice are enabled at this point) : They seem pretty much the same anyways In Clover I am not using any boot flags (aside from my mandatory -v) but fixes. Those are OsxAptioDixDrv and EmuVariableUefi. What the heck is happening??
  9. Picu97

    Problem with sound

    Sound in VMware won't work. Sound card emulated on it is SoundBlaster 128 PCI. You need to install Mac OS on your computer and see if sound works
  10. Hmmm.... I don't know which is the problem. If you want to upgrade to 10.6.4 from 10.5.4 you have to patch a Snow Leopard DVD or download a pre-patched one
  11. Everyone here! As this is my first topic AND post in the forum, I've decided to write a kinda "ReadMe" file for installing Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.5 using Myzars DVD Image on an Intel PC. These are my old PC specs: 512 MB RAM Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz Codename "Williamete" Processor NVdia GeForce 6200 AGP Video Card (didn't help very much) Intel Motherboard (BIOS from 2001) i846 Capable Welcome to the Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 x86 Installation Disc! Please read this before installing or else you'll get in serious trouble. 1. Getting Started WARNING! Installing Mac OS X on a non-Apple labeled computer is a copyright infringement. If you want to use Mac OS X as a "primary" OS, please buy a Mac. Consider this as a "Trial" Version (although here's no limit) 1.0: WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE INSTALLING: Windows Vista/XP (I'll be covering Vista) Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 x86 Patched DVD Disc Partitioned Drive (As it's very important to have installed Windows, or else the HDD will fail to load, and you'll have to buy a new one). If you didn't partition go to Step 1.1 Windows Vista DVD (I used it as I've got Vista on my PC. I don't know about XP) Latest BIOS Intel / AMD processor capable of running SSE2 or SSE3 Enough RAM (512 MB) 1.1: PARTITIONING DRIVE 1. Boot normally to Vista and make sure you've got free space (At least 15 GB) 2. Click the Start Button, right click to Computer and then to "Manage..." 3. Go to Drive Manager. Select your current HDD. 4. Now right-click and Reduce Partition. 5. Now select the size so that at least 10 GB are free. Then Finish. 6. Select the black box that indicates Free Space, and then format it to make an NTFS Partition(right click and Format) 7. Now you've got a new secondary partitioned drive! 2. Installing Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 x86 Now the big deal starts! Lets get onto Installation! 2.1: BOOTING FROM DVD DRIVE 1.Start up your Computer and in the POST screen (logo and/or BIOS test) press DELETE repeatedly until the BIOS setup appears. 2. Now navigate through menus until you see the Boot order option (BIOSes differ so consult your PC manual). 3. Change boot order to being the DVD Drive as the first device and then the HDD. 4. Introduce the Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 x86 DVD, hit F10 and YES. Your computer will reboot. 2.2: INSTALLING MAC OS X TIGER 1. Now that you boot into DVD drive, the Darwin bootloader will appear. Hit Enter. 2. Wait until the Installation loads from DVD. It should take a while, so be patient. If ypu can't get through here, try hitting F8 at Darwin bootloader and write this without quotes: "-x" 3. Select language for Installation. It'll also be the default language for the OS. (I assume you selected to use English) 4. When the Installer loads, DON'T CLICK CONTINUE, go to Utilities and then click Disk Utility. 5. Go to your new partition and click the "Erase" tab. Now wait until it erases. 6. Close Disk Utility and now click Continue on the installer. 7. When you get to the last screen, click Customize (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) 8. Select what you want and then click the last option and select: IF YOU'VE GOT AN INTEL PC, CHECK "OWNED" AND "10.4.5 UPD" IF YOU'VE GOT AN AMD PC, CHECK "OWNED" AND "AMD ENABLER"(something like that) 9. Bring it on! Click Install and wait until the Installer concludes. 10. If everything was OK, the computer should try to reboot. If it shows a spinning wheel (made of lines), then reboot by yourself by pressing the Reset button. 2.3: CHANGE TO HDD DRIVE TO BOOT FIRST 1.Repeat the same steps as Step 2.1, but instead of booting from DVD, boot from HDD. 2. Leave the CD/DVD Drive as the 2nd option, as some users may get in trouble in the next steps. 3. First Boot NOTE: If you boot and it shows the "DISK BOOT FAILURE", then follow Step 3.0. If not, skip to 3.1 3.0: "DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND THEN PRESS ENTER" 1. If you get this, insert your Vista DVD and hit Enter 2. Wait until the Installer loads. Select Date/Time Zone, Region and press "Continue" 3. Press Repair and then click the 2nd option ( Vista may not be detected but just continue) 4. Now click the FIRST option and when the thing is done reboot (Don't forget to eject your DVD) 3.1: MAKING DUAL-BOOT WITH VISTA Oh No! Instead of Mac OS X, Vista was loaded! Don't worry, follow these steps to make Dual-boot with Vista. 1. Boot into Vista 2. Insert your Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 Patched DVD into your drive. 3. Copy the CHAIN0 file that is in the DVD into the Vista Partition root directory (ussually C:\) 4. Start CMD with Elevated Admin Privileges 5. Type this: bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Mac OS X" *NOTE: Just type {current} bcdedit /enum active *NOTE: Now you'll see a list of partitions bcdedit /set {GUID} PATH \CHAIN0 *NOTE: Replace {GUID} with the alphanumeric GUID enumerated in the list under "Mac OS X" 6. Reboot and you'll be able to Dual-Boot Mac OS X! 3.2: NOW LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED! Now you should be able to boot into Mac OS X. At first boot a bunch of text will appear, but don't worry! Best configuration is to have both USB mouse and keyboard (PS2 isn't compatible) What? You've got a PS2 keyboard and cannot get through Register Information? Don't worry, follow this: Just click "Privacy Policy", now you can copy/paste text into Register Info! If you want to use a virtual keyboard, follow this: 1. Boot into Mac OS X 2. Start System Preferences and click International 3. Go to the "Input.." tab 4. Select Keyboard viewer 5. Now click the national flag at the bar, and then "Show Keyboard Viewer" 6. Ready to go! Now you can write text! It's a bit complicated, but the only way to solve it is by buying a USB keyboard. This ReadMe file has been manually written by: Picu97 (myself)
  12. Picu97

    Kalyway DVD comes up empty

    That's because Windows doesn't recognize Mac files. Burn the .ISO and don't worry