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  1. Gamers214000

    Ati 4890 with 10.6.4 *Solutions inside*

    Im really stuck, i have 10.6.4 but i have no idea how to get this working. how do i add these kects
  2. Gamers214000

    iOS 4.0.2 Released

    updated by acciedent ! lol
  3. Gamers214000

    [Help] Ati Snow Leopard

    i need similar help with my 4870
  4. Gamers214000

    iAtkos S3 V2 + 4870x2 Help :)

    Hey all, I have been trying for a couple of days trying to install iaktos and have finally got it running on my setup Q6600 @ 3.6ghz DDR2 Dominator Asus P5q- Pro Everything seems to be working fine except one thing. My 4870x2 is not being recognised by the mac and im stuck on a low res. I have done alot of reading and i hear there is a fix by using kexts or something but i have no idea what to do! I really am a beginner at this. Help would be great apreciated! thanks
  5. Gamers214000

    Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Awesome! need to try this
  6. Still dont understand why they dont support flash