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  1. Alienware M11X

    No, this is an OK area, it is made by dell (alienware) and it has an 11" screen. The OP made a mistake. But yea, i've seen it.
  2. Inspiron 1545

    Yea, that is a GREAT site, did that to my 1545 and now its running really well. Be sure to use vanilla snow leopard, it is way faster than leopard!
  3. SL Works only on VGA Output, help needed.

    Try using the hotkey to change from external to inter display, it may work! EDIT: feel like an idiot now..
  4. Xcode help!

    DISCLAIMER. I am not a novice, nor a Guru. Can you please tell the goal of the text view? Thanks.. Dave
  5. New to the OSx86 world

    Yea, try getting a NVIDIA 9xxx series, cheap and VERY available, and most importantly, VERY HIGHLY supported!
  6. Can't install iAtkos v7 s2 help!

    well, iatkos is an outdated distro, try going vanilla, SEARCH it! well, iatkos is an outdated distro, try going vanilla, SEARCH it!
  7. OS X Netbook vs iBook

    Well, I happened to have a bookmark to this page... http://lowendmac.com/bookrev/09br/0206.html which discussed that topic. copy and paste-- The guys at Apple Different did some good old fashion benchmarks, and discovered that an Atom N270 at 1.66 GHz and 1 GB of RAM churned and cogitated Leopard better than a late 2004 iBook with a Power PC 1.33 GHz processor and 768 MB of RAM, with a boot up time of around 48 seconds to the iBook's agonizing minute..
  8. GRR really irritating

    so i had to make a new one!! soo irritating