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  1. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Hey, I hope you can help me out. I tried to install MacOS from a Retail DVD and iDeneb v1.6 onto my n510 and both ended up the same way. When I try to boot from my internal hdd the grey apple logo shows up for one or two secons and then it starts to reboot. I followed the instructions in this thread. First started with a boot cd and installed OS to an external drive. After these steps the OS works fine starting from the external hdd. But executing the following steps are causing the bootproblem. I installed chameleon, added the *.aml and modbin kernel, copied the BOOTn510 files into extra folder and rebuilt the cache with the kernel utility. Concluding I copied the External partition to my internal hdd with the disk utility. As mentionded before, I'm now getting a failure when selecting the OS from my internal hdd in Chameleon. I attached the log just before it crashes and reboots. This log only shows up for a split of a second. Hope you can help me out, as I googled "Starting Darwin x86" but found nothing specific. Thanks