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  1. OSx86 and SATA

    I've just got it running perfectly fine on a PATA drive here, so it seems that SATA support is still flakey for nForce 4 users like myself.
  2. OSx86 and SATA

    Another thing you could try (Which I'm currently doing) is try installing natively through vmware. You basically set it up to use your whole hard drive instead of just an individual partition. I'm sure theres a howto on here somewhere, but this could be a workaround for the SATA bug during installation. AFAIK this bug doesn't present itsself once installed... go figure.
  3. OSx86 and SATA

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...id=384348 Thats the post I'm talking about, actually.
  4. OSx86 and SATA

    What exactly is happening when you try and install?
  5. OSx86 and SATA

    I can't seem to get Uphuck 1.3 installed on my Asus A8n32 Deluxe with an SATA hdd. It boots fine, but freezes during installation. Does the same with a JaS 10.4.8 too. Its probably the data corruption problem thats plagued NF4 users for a while. Someone on here made a patch to get the installation to an SATA drive on NF4 working fine, but I can't find it (IIRC its in the Uphuck 1.3 thread).
  6. Leopard BETA as main OS

    Its the main OS on my powerbook 1ghz, although the dock animation (magnify) is very jerky. I hate the new dock, although I like stacks.. Spaces is pretty slow too.
  7. Bugs of 10.5

    Its a beta.... last time I checked, bugs in a beta != disaster.
  8. Because apple employee's are not allowed to post on mac forums (Seriously).
  9. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    If you guys want to chat about this on IRC I've set up a channel on my server: irc.freeusechat.com #leopard
  10. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Now that you can be inprisoned for :censored2:
  11. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    I can't see any way apple can own you for using pre-release software. If the discs are given out to all developers at the WWDC, then I doubt they'd know exactly who got which disc and their IP address. The ONLY way they could do that is if there was some sort of identification string that was sent to apple when its booted. That probably does happen, but the string would have to be different for each disc, and then linked to the person that took that specific disc. If suddently everyone and his dog started using this version of leopard, apple would probably know who's using it (If you're dumb enough to submit the registration..), but there's not much they could do to an individual for using it. Developer or not. If apple REALLY wanted to stop us usnig it, they'd use a key based system, like microsoft do with windows. They'd make you have to activate the developer versions of leopard using your apple developer ID. And then, you can use the OS. But they don't.
  12. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    For the love of god, don't put it on oink. Some of us actually want to download it. *That doesn't mean I want it.
  13. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Any mods care to lookup some info on his IP and see if he's BS-ing or not?
  14. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    I dunno, saying the name is pretty stupid aswell, but for some reason.. fine. But actually linking to a torrent site is one notch dumber. I'm not having a go though, by your typing and spelling skills I doubted that you were stupid enough.