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  1. Great stuff, the heat pipes and the case are lovely, I didn't know that product existed, If I have some time I'll see to incorporate that in my nintendo 64 case : http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/forum/s...ead.php?t=24650
  2. in this same thread go to post No. 238 I posted everything for 10.6.4, you can download all the files needed, and configuration screenshots. haven't gone any further than 10.6.4 ... no time for that anymore. If you want to install 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 read my post anyway there are links to where I found all the necessary files, use these links to find updates. My files might not work for newer versions of OSX.
  3. you might need to find new files for 10.6.6. I havent had the time to look into upgrade to 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 but I think you need to search for a ne fakesmc, new chameleon etc a good start is to go to the links in my post to see if anything have been updated In my opinion dsdt should not need any update. For the ram (2 or 4 gb) newer versions of chameleon detects the amount of ram you have... C U soon
  4. I think the kernel doesn't change with every OSX update 10.6.6 is a minor change
  5. when you install it you have to click install type there you can change some settings and add prefpane it will appear on system preferences
  6. I got lower results on xbench, I'm not overclocking I'm still at 1.6GHz my systems was also compared to a G5 I don't have any movie on 1080p, so I tried a video on youtube and the performance is not good indeed up to know the maximum resolution of the movies i watched is HD 720. But I remember there was a setting messing up in plex "software upscaling" I disable that and it went better But I think it would be interesting to see how this system performs in windows or linux, if it is lot better it would mean we got something wrong in the hack, I it is the same well so be it, there is not much we can do.
  7. I've been playing 720p movies only... but I think i tried youtube in 1080 once to give it a try . I'll try to make a xbench this weekend I'm not surprised 2 x 1GB are better than only one module of 2GB, you get dual access with two. your movies are encoded with which codec ? and what program do you use to play them? Atom is a small processor anyhow, is not like a core 2 duo ...
  8. in my opinion you shouldn't use the boot from the first post of the topic, you should install chameleon and leave the boot file it creates ... that's what I did anyhow, and it works and remember to use kextutility before restart...
  9. the files I postes are for 10.6.4 ... but tory can be found for 10.6.3 I don't know if it solve the problem, but you also seem to have /extra/Mach_kernel_ , it's beign loaded on Start but usualy it should be in "/" and named "mach_kernel"
  10. thats interesting drop a link here to your new thread when you'll create it
  11. 10.6.4 Intel Atom Kernel?

    make a little search in the forums, atoms work good on 10.6.4
  12. I have installed the graphic update too, and it works nicely, your problem must be something else. I'm directly connected to a HDTV with a HDMI cable. You said you have one module of 2GB of ram I'm using 2 modules of 1GB each
  13. Installing on USB Drive

    it is possible if you are curious enough and if you document yourself properly. A month and a half ago I didn't know anything about hackintoshes and today I have a perfectly working hack. But it would be a pipe dream to wait for some one to give you a solution that will be magically functional right out of the box
  14. I'm using plex 9 too, did you do the graphics update in mac os' "software update"?
  15. maybe you should check the ram values in the DSDT, mine is for 2GB, if you have more to need to change in "operationregion" system memory. Other thing to check is the video ram in bios you should put 512MB and "vbios" in chameleon should be unchecked... hope it helps ...