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  1. Dmitry, It certainly is possible to get it up and running on an AMD system as I have done it as per this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/267296-esxi-5-mac-os-x-unlocker/page-25?do=findComment&comment=1916061 I haven't actually installed it from scratch though as I didn't have a pre-patched installer.
  2. To be honest I didn't even think about running OS X on it when I bought it as I'm a Windows administrator, so most of my time is spent on that, and I just needed a cheap little ESXi server to do some development work on. It was only later I thought about running OS X. It actually runs quite well, it's not as fast as my i7, but that's not exactly a suprise. I think my main bottle neck is hard drive speed when using cheap drives and no RAID, but once everything is up and running it does the job it was bought for. I do actually have another development box which is an i5 so it would have been easier to use that, but where's the fun in that?
  3. Thanks MSoK for the clarification about the unlocker. I’ve managed to get OS X 10.8.3 running on my AMD processor ESXi server, although VMware Tools needed a little modification and for some reason the ‘Fit Guest’ doesn’t appear to work which is slightly annoying. Maybe someone with more knowledge will know why? For anyone interested in getting OS X 10.8.3 working on an HP Microserver N54L running ESXi 5.1 U1 here is a brief list steps: Patch ESXi using the tool found on this site – This may not be needed, but I had already patched it Find a copy of an AMD patched VM for VMware Workstation Download vCenter Convertor Standalone Client 5.1 – must be 5.1 as 5.0 seems to crash Convert the workstation image to ESXi which making sure to convert to version 8 NOT version 9 as per the default – You may also want to use a thin provisioned disk rather than a thick one After the conversion and BEFORE booting remove the NIC and add a new one, change the OS to OS X 10.7 and make sure the RAM is at least 2GB – I found VMware Tools would crash on install with anything less Boot the VM and set up an account etc. Take a snapshot of the VM – optional Install VMware Tools but DO NOT reboot! Use Finder to go to ‘/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools’ Delete’ vmmemctl.kext’ and ‘vmmemctl’ From terminal run ‘sudo nano /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/services.sh’ Comment out these two lines using # so they look like: #kextload '/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmmemctl.kext' #'/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmmemctl' Reboot and enjoy! Note: Depending on which version of VMware Tools you use you might get another kernel panic mentioning ‘vsockets.kext’ and you will need to also do the following steps before rebooting, which is why you took the snapshot! Delete ‘vsockets.kext’ and ‘vsock’ From terminal run ‘sudo nano /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/services.sh’ Comment out these two lines using # so they look like: #kextload -r '/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/’ '/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vsockets.kext’ | | true #'/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vsock’ | | true
  4. Thanks madburg. I just thought with VMware anouncing support for 10.8.3 in U1 they would at least let you choose 10.8 as an option, obviously not. I'll have to give it a go this weekend and see if I can get OSX up and running, although my machine is AMD based so it will probably be more of a challenge
  5. Firstly thank you for the unlocker! It works really well on workstation 9, but I am having some trouble with ESXi. I'm running ESXi 5.1 U1 (Build 1065491) and I'm using the vSphere client that came with it, but I can't see any changes that the unlocker has made, should I? For example when I create a new VM I see the option for OSX 10.7, but not 10.8, is that normal once unlocked as I already had those options before I ran the unlocker? As far as I know the uinlocker installed OK, or at least I didn't get any error messages. Any help is much appreciated and if you need any more information please just ask. P.S. I'm quote new to Linux\ESXi so I may have not done something that is obvious!
  6. Introduce yourself.

    Hello, I've been lurking for a while having purchased an Asus 1201N with the intention of putting OSX on it. So far I seem to be out of luck with getting it on the USB stick, one fails to copy the DVD over and the other fails to boot Still I'm sure we'll get there, in the mean time I've been running it on VMWare, although I have some strage issues which I hope to soon resolve! Acestes