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  1. ^ I can't get microphone or line in working on my DS3R either!!!! It's very annoying. I've tried this control center, I've tried manually dragging the 889a dump file onto HGAPatcher, nothing works. I can see the input level spiking in the Audio preference pane, but I just don't hear anything. Does ANYONE have line in/mic working with the DS3R?
  2. ALC889a / GA-P35-DS3 / Line-In?

    I've got the DS3R with ALC889a and I can't for the life of me get the line-in to work. I've used the HDApatcher and that text dump file linked to above, but the line in simply won't work. Here's the strange thing -- if I open up the audio control panel in OS X, flip over to the "Input" tab, and select "Line in", I can *see* the input level spike when my input device (in this case, an old Xbox) makes a noise -- I just can't hear anything. Levels have been cranked to the max, there's just nothing coming through. How on earth did you guys get your line in working? To be clear, I'm using the blue port on the mobo's sound area.
  3. And what's your point? Seriously, do you have a problem that we should know about? For some reason you seem hell-bent on getting people to spend as much money as possible.
  4. Ok If I do this, I'm leaning toward Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C - $50 Slimline HTPC case with power supply - $60 - that's one of the smallest and best-looking mATX HTPC cases I could find Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 ($120) or E7200 ($130) - which one would run cooler (and therefore quieter)? Really don't care about the performance, any processor sold these days will be enough for my purposes here. Any suggestions for the coolest/cheapest Intel proc? And $40 or so for a 2GB DDR2 stick and another $25 for a DVD-RW. Already have the hard drive, so my total so far is a little under $300. If I can knock some off the processor cost I'll really feel great, especially if it means I can make it run nearly silent.
  5. Thanks! That's very helpful. Perfect, I knew I'd seen something like that before! Thank you very much.
  6. Yes, there's highly rated Asus and Gigabyte mATX boards available for $50, with GMA950 built in. Why wouldn't I use NewEgg? I've ordered from them for 7 years and never had a problem. Yeah I found some pretty good looking HTPC cases. Again, I need IR so that I can control the Front Row/Plex interface with the Logitech Harmony remote. That ONE remote controls ALL of the stuff -- TV, TiVo HD, receiver, Xbox 360, video switcher -- and I'm not going to confuse my wife and guests (and ruin my own convenience) because I was too lazy to install an IR receiver. I appreciate everyone's responses, but I guess on that note I'll have to experiment and figure it out myself, because everyone seems more interested in telling me that I don't really want IR. Yes, I do really want IR.
  7. I've already got equipment to do that. Namely my 360, which does a much better job at DVD upscaling than a PC would do, I think. An advanced search specifying onboard GMA950 and DVI or HDMI turns up zero mATX boards on NewEgg. They have VGA, but not DVI out. Why wouldn't they all provide DVI out and then ship with an adapter? At any rate, I found a nice board for $50; now to find a slimline case and power supply. And an IR solution...still wondering about that.
  8. ^ Thanks, good suggestion. I'd just started eyeing that one as well, I think it would give me a little more flexibility. I don't think I would use the optical drive much if at all, but it might be good to have. I don't want to do Bluetooth or IR (well, I'll have Bluetooth for the keyboard and mouse but I still want IR) because I have a Logitech Harmony 550 and want to keep everything in one remote.
  9. Well I know a couple people that use the Mini as a media center on 720p and even 1080p TVs, and for playing videos it works just fine. This has the same video card. If it couldn't power a 720p TV, then it wouldn't be able to even handle an old 1024x768 15" LCD. It's not the size of the screen that matters, it's the resolution -- the GMA950 can handle 720 pixels of vertical resolution. I'll probably go with a very inexpensive C2D processor, and I only need 2GB of RAM -- infact I really only probably *need* 1GB, this isn't going to do anything other than play movies. I certainly don't need much horsepower or RAM for that. People use Minis with 512MB for this purpose. I'm really liking that enclosure, so if it looks compatible I'll probably go for that. I already have a hard drive. My biggest remaining question, I guess, unless someone thinks that barebones kit is no good, is how to do the IR remote.
  10. I'm getting tired of my hacked Apple TV's limitations, and I'm interested in building a small, quiet hackintosh to use sort like a Mac Mini-style media center. I already have a fully operational hackintosh desktop, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process around here, but I'm having trouble settling on the smallest/quietest/most affordable solution for what I'm trying to do here. Obviously something along the lines of the Shuttles or Asus mini PCs are in order, but I'm kind of lost right now. I've been looking at the HCLs, but I was just wondering if anyone has built a hackintosh like this and if you have any recommendations. One thing I'm particularly unfamiliar with is how to get an IR receiver working on a hackintosh (I never bothered to do it with my desktop) -- that will be a necessity here. I'd like to try to keep this to around $300, $400 *max* because if it costs more than that I might as well just buy a real mini. I don't know if this matters, but it will be hooked up to a 42" 720p Samsung plasma and the primary purpose will be to stream my gigs and gigs of video over a gigabit network from my main machine. Thanks everyone! EDIT: This Shuttle in particular is very attractive for its clean looks and low price, but I can't find hardly any discussion of it being used as a Hackintosh on the forums (it's in the HCL, but I'd love more info than that).
  11. USB problems after 10.5.2 Update

    I'm having these same issues and it's driving me nuts because it's the last remaining problem with my OSx86 installation. I started with the vanilla kernel installed via the kalyway_10.5.2_kernels package. The issues I'm having all revolve around USB storage devices. No problems with keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Only USB mass storage. If I plug my camera in directly, it sometimes works. If I pull the card from the camera and put it in my card reader (what I prefer to do), it rarely works. It will mount the SD card on the desktop, but then I can't browse it -- Finder just sits there and spins. Or, I can browse it, but can't open anything from it. Then, when I go to eject it, it sits there on the desktop for at least another 3-4 minutes before reporting that it can't eject the disk because it's in use (it's not, really), or until I just pull the card. Note: occasionally it won't mount at all, and a sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/caches always fixes this, but still doesn't allow me to read the card. I have tried vanilla 9.2 and netkas 9.2 kernels. I have disabled legacy USB in the BIOS. I have switched USB ports. I don't understand why I can't get this to work. Should I try the 9.1 kernel? Am I risking anything by doing so? Any other suggestions? This is driving me up the wall... EDIT: I tried getting the new AppleSMBios.kext, nothing changed. I went ahead and gave the 9.1 kernel a shot...and my system wouldn't boot. Well, it sounded like it booted, but my monitors never fired up after the initial gray Apple logo. I had to boot with the Kalyway DVD and restore the 9.2 kernel from my backup. Any other ideas? I think I've hit them all in this thread and I still don't have USB mass storage working reliably.
  12. USB cardreader problems

    Anyone? I still haven't been able to solve this. I sometimes have to clear my extension caches before it will recognize my camera too. Sometimes it then mounts two identical volumes, but it will only read from one. The other can't be ejected. In short, I just have a ton of weird problems with USB mass storage. I would really appreciate some advice on what to try next.
  13. My hackintosh is running pretty darn smoothly with the exception of some USB hiccups. My biggest problem is with getting the images off of my Nikon D40 DSLR. I can usually plug the camera in via USB and read the card with no problem. However, that's not the best solution (drains the camera battery, slow, cumbersome, etc). I'd much rather use the card reader in the side of my Dell 2407wfp -- but it doesn't work. Most of the time, when I stick an SD card in it, nothing happens. Sometimes, it will appear to mount on the dekstop, but then the MassStorage process freezes and I'm not able to actually read its contents. I do see the Dell's card reader as a USB device in the system profiler, but it just won't work. I'm running 10.5.2 with vanilla kernel. Specs are in my sig. I've disabled legacy USB storage detection in the BIOS, to see if that had anything to do with it, but it didn't seem to make a different. I'm not sure what else to do to troubleshoot this. If it's just the Dell not getting along with hackintoshes, I'd be willing to buy another card reader. But I've seen others report on this forum that their Dell's card reader worked, so I'd like to figure out what's wrong here. I'd really appreciate any suggestions, because I take a lot of pictures. Thanks!
  14. USB drivers from 10.5.3 beta

    Cool, I'm going to try these out when I get a chance...I have strange USB mass storage problems. My card reader in my Dell 2407wfp only works occasionally, and when it does it locks up the MassStorage process. Plugging my Nikon D40 in directly via USB usually works, but not always without clearing some extension caches. I'll report back once I've tried them.
  15. OK after some digging I have a sneaking suspicion that my USB card reader problems may be related to the fact that I installed the custom sleep kernel when going through this guide. Even if it's not directly related, I still want to get the vanilla kernel before continuing troubleshooting. Is it easy to go back to the vanilla kernel? How would I do that?