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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi vandroiy2012, Could you please add this alienware alpha's alc280 config to AppleALC repository? BTW,alienware alpha has only one optical spdif out and no input,i've validated my config working. BRs, Ganxiao
  2. ganxiao

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Alienware Alpha & Alienware Steam Machine ALC3220 (ALC280 variant) codec-id: 0x10ec0280 layout-ids: 11: SPDIF-OUT macOS: 10.12.4 and newer All outputs (no input, only spdif output) No special patches ALC280 Alienware alpha.zip
  3. Thanks for your reply. I finally found using 0x11 CsrActiveConfig to make shiki and webdriver work again. It seems webdriver checked its own digital signature since 10.12.4, I can use 0x10 CsrActiveConfig in 10.12.3 and older version with clover kext injection for shiki.
  4. Hi vit9696, My Hackintosh played drm video well using shiki.kext before upgrade to 10.12.4. I have a GTX960 discrete graphic card using nvidia web driver and on-board hd4600 graphic card configured to connector-less AAPL,ig-platform-id prop, use imac.kext to obtain hardware accelerated video decode. After upgrade to 10.12.4 and the latest web driver, sierra can't recognize gtx960. I finally found remove shiki.kext and imac.kext could re-enable web driver to drive gtx960. 1. Use imac.kext only, web driver not load 2. Use latest shiki v2.0.1 and Lily v1.1.0, web driver not load 3. Use latest shiki v2.0.1 and Lily v1.1.0 and -shikigva boot argument, web driver not load Please check if shiki broke web driver on 10.12.4. Thanks Ganxiao
  5. @vit9696 Thanks very much, this do resolve my problem, HD video can be played after reauthorized this computer. Maybe authorize database has broken.
  6. Hi vit9696 I check this configuration list on my computer Shiki-based solution for non-freezing Intel and/or any discrete GPU: IGPU device is enabled, and present with a connector-less AAPL,ig-platform-id prop (e.g. <04 00 12 04>, <07 00 62 01>), use connector-full framebuffers in solo mode; -IGPU enabled,HD4600 with AAPL,ig-platform-id set to 0x04, 0x00, 0x12, 0x04 Discrete GPU is properly configured with IOVARendererID present in IOReg; -GTX960 confirmed, IOVARendererID present in nvAccelerator, <08 00 04 01> VDADecoderChecker confirms Intel Offline (Online) VDA decoder working; -GVA info: Successfully connected to the Intel plugin, offline Gen75 -Hardware acceleration is fully supported IMEI device is present in IOReg; -yes No override preferences are used; -yes Mac model set to the one supporting hardware acceleration. -set to iMac14,2 and Mac OS version is 10.11.6, Shiki version is 1.8.1 I can replay those SD DRM videos, but no luck with HD videos, Screen is just black and stop to play. What's wrong in my configuration? Thanks.
  7. Thanks to Pike, we have iMac17,1's device-properties now, https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2015/10/24/device-properties-used-in-the-new-imac171/ I modified this to a more readable plist file, check attachment. iMac17,1-device-properties.plist.zip
  8. I think if someone provide darwindump result from 27inch 5k retina imac with m295x/m395/m395x graphics would be helpful to this question, so we can check what properties graphic efi has injected to system. Be ware that 27inch retina imac use a special version of dp (edp 1.3 maybe) to connect its 5k pannel. I wonder if apple decides to skip some detection codes but to force init boot display to an edp connector caused this problem.
  9. Yes, i don't use a modified dsdt. I prefer to ssdt to do HDA/GFX/HDMI/LPC/SBUS/PM patch instead. I confirmed FixShutdown_0004 fixed my shutdown issue, sleep works as expected, wake from lan/wireless keyboard/wired mouse works fine. I've uploaded ioreg and ssdt i used as attachments. ioreg.zip ssdt.zip
  10. I use the same BCM94360CD combo card through an adapter card connecting to mini-pcie slot. My mobo is GA-B85N-WIFI. You can refer to my mobo dsdt as attachment. System DSDT.zip
  11. I think your mobo needs DSDT tweak to make Bluetooth under XHC controller, Or maybe check your bios settings for manual usb port mapping. For my mobo, wake from Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad works because Blutetooth under XHC controller. Does your shutdown fix break wake from usb wired keyboard/mouse?
  12. Hi, giacomoleopardo Your combo card is actually BCM4360 (WiFi) + BCM20702(Bluetooth), model name is BCM94360CD, and BCM94331CD is old 802.11n+bt combo card used in old macs. I have similar shutdown issue since 10.11, but sleep works fine, probably because BCM20702 was connected to XHC, not EH02 like you. With this card, system will power on after powered off 2-3 seconds, Without this card, system will shutdown, but if any key or mouse pressed, system would power on. So i think there must be something wrong in ACPI related configs with 10.11. I checked bios settings, and pretty sure that power on by keyboard/mouse were not enabled. After googled a while, found turn off wake-on-lan in bios settings could fix this, but wake-on-lan never works any more. As metioned in your earlier post, this can be solved with FixShutdown + SlpSmiAtWake options in config.plist/Acpi section, Do you still use this method? BRs
  13. ganxiao

    PC Haswell un-usable after wake

    try deleting IOPlatformSystemSleepPolicy from X86Platformplugin.kext and have a test http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/305457-haswell-memory-corruption-after-sleep-kernel-panic/
  14. ganxiao

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice Is this issue related to clover power management?
  15. ganxiao

    PC Haswell un-usable after wake

    try to delete IOPlatformSystemSleepPolicy from X86Platformplugin.kext http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/305457-haswell-memory-corruption-after-sleep-kernel-panic/