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  1. Quicklook plugins

    How about adding the ability to view the next file/image when in full screen mode by using cursor keys? How this is not implemented already by the team of programmers is beyond me. Well not really, theres a ton of stupid errors in OS X, like stacks....i find that to be the most annoying OS X bug.
  2. Does anybody else think Leopard is buggy?

    -VLC has a redraw problem, the actual image of the movie replaces the UI -CS3 runs fine, except: -indesign no longer runs at all, it crashes during startup -photoshop does some crazy mouse response {censored} when using a logitech mx510 and logitech control centre with modified buttons to reflect PS shortcut keys, the cursor key flies around at random for a split second. -a new finder window sometimes is capable of being dragged below the menu bar up top, and when it does, the transparency in the bar doesnt reflect the fact that theres a window underneath -stacks; the whole experience is one massive error -icon views in finder windows are not always remembered, ie; movie files dont retain their preview icon when you reboot (windows XP did this, and leopard is supposedly ahead of windows?.....uh, no, not entirely) -the docks blue glow underneath running icons isnt easy to notice (not a bug, but a flaw)
  3. Hacking Leopard GUI

    I too would like to know. Whats with apple and butchering its products lately? The menu bar doesnt fit aesthetic unity of OS X. The blue dots for running applications in the dock are barely noticeable. The shadows in the dock are horrid. And stacks is by far the most idiotic implementation to OS X.
  4. I currently have one Geforce 7300 GT installed on PCI Slot 1. PCI Slot 2 has a big gap from Slot 1. If I install a second 7300 GT (of the same make): 1) do I need the sli connector/bridge to have both cards recognized in xp pro via boot camp? i know os x doesnt support sli. 2) does the second card need to go to slot 2? if so, can I use any sli bridge if needed, like the 'asus flex' ? 3) apparently the mac pro can be configured to four 7300 gts, all in sli...with that being said, how would the sli bridges work given the slot configuration the mac pro motherboard, AND the placement of the sli connector on the video card itself? Looking at the slizone.com the bridges between the cards connect them first to third, second to fourth. Heres a link: http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone_quadsli.html With that being said, do i need to look out for anything when purchasing the exact same 7300 GT for my Mac Pro? Will everything work just fine without the bridge or with, given the proper length to connect the two cards? I'm mainly interested in doing this to overclock both cards via coolbits in the control panel on windows for gaming, currently i can get the 7300 gt to overclock to nearly 500mhz core clock and a little 900mhz memory clock. This is a huge leap over 350/400mhz stock although it produces up to 75 degrees celc. heat. Thanks!
  5. XP Pro Installation Problem

    Well, I did it. Everything works now with a corporate XP install disk. HOWEVER, one major pain in the ass problem. I have an IDE 320gb hard drive, which id very much like to use, but windows gives me 'disk error' and wont load if the IDE hard drive is installed. Otherwise, dual booting runs fine. I *could* use it as an external since I do have two spare external cases, but id rather not (speed issues). The external is used only for documents, PSD files mostly, and mp3s. I know PSD files would suffer if opened via USB (some are over 100mb) but would the difference be that much better from internal connection? Im wondering if theres any way to work around this problem, or if apple will fix it themselves. Also, would adding an additional SATA hard drive AFTER boot camp windows installation mess up the boot partitions? Thanks!
  6. XP Pro Installation Problem

    Shouldnt boot camp resolve that, it is after all, a boot loader...??
  7. XP Pro Installation Problem

    would everything be back to norm if i swapped them back around to the original state AFTER? Im gonna try to use a different XP Install Disc, prolly a corporate.
  8. XP Pro Installation Problem

    Well, i have two hard drive, a 250gb in Bay 1, and 200gb in Bay 3 (for airflow purposes). I run bootcamp, select Bay 3 to be used as the install drive, then run the install from disc. I get into the blue screen setup, i select drive C to install (Fat 32) and then i run into a problem: It tells me the installation process needs to write files to 'MBR disk 0 xx 0 xx o' (or something like that, but all the values are zero). This, i am assuming, is my OS X disk, the 250gb HD im using ONLY for OS X. How do i go about fixing this bollocks? Thanks!