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  1. Try with -v when is prompting, you can understand many things when using verbose.
  2. USB 3 ports not working

    With z87x-udh5 I had a similar problem, i just deleted Generic USB 3 kext, usb worked perfect after that.
  3. I have used your installation guide. 100% success, very stable system, very fast, with the exception of imesssage everything else is working perfectly. FaceTime Sound Sleep, Hibernate, shutdown, reboot, Booting takes about 10-12 seconds. My system: MOBO: GA Z87X-UDH5 (bios: F10c) CPU: i7 4770k RAM: 32 GB SSD: 480 GB Raid 0: 6 TB Nvidia: 730 GTX 2 GB Installation started without any argument, After Installation booted again from the usb selected the newly installed system, Installed bootloader, injected AppleHDA, Except sound, anything else worked out of the box.
  4. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    I have managed to fix it, with a fresh install and no DSDT!
  5. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    Thank you very much for all your effort to help me! If you ever get to Athens, Greece, Beer is on me! org.chameleon.Boot.plist.zip
  6. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    Bootloader: Chameleon v2.2svn r2399
  7. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    Thanks in advance... DSDT.zip
  8. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    Whatever I'm trying to do, there is no result! I have tried all your solutions, but as I said I might be an idiot or just very unlucky and fitted to do it. Thanks for your help guys
  9. ALC 898 - GA z87x-udh5

    Hi artur-pt, I have tried almost all of the methods, even the one from your link. I remember that when i've builded the same machine with Mavericks, sometime eventualy in May or maybe earlier, I had similar problems to find the right applehda.kext, now after 4 days of trying I might buy an usb audio stick.
  10. Hello to everybody, I have successfully installed Yosemite on my system: Bootloader: Chameleon v2.2svn r2399 OS X: Apple GM Candidate 3 Mobo: Ga Z87X-UDH5 (BIOS F7) CPU: i7 4770K RAM: 32 GB HDD: SAMSUNG SSD 480GB Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 I'm using DSDT, my system is very stable, except audio, I have tried lot's of AppleHDA kexts, I have changed the layout ID to 7, I've tried almost anything, but something I'm doing wrong. The strange thing is that in the system profile the sound card appears as an Intel HD Audio and not as an Realtek. On Mavericks everything was working very smoothly, Yosemite is doing great also except sound. If anyone can give me a glitch on this I will be very glad. Bellow is a print screen of the system profiler.