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  1. sjerseyspartan

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    I have a asus rampage iv black edition. would this kext be the one for my motherboard? the ethernet port doesn't show up
  2. Anyone know how to get clover to detect a pcie ssd? Is there a setting that needs to be changed in clover configuration?
  3. I just double checked and I have a i7 960
  4. Really? So having 48 gigs is pointless?
  5. Geekbench give me the same speed that I overclocked too.
  6. I still think it's strange that it's that low, overclocked to 4.08 and I'm getting a score of 6000?! I heard that the smbios could be a factor in such a low score. Any thoughts?
  7. Would anyone know why my geek bench score is so low? With the hardware I have is think it'd be better than what I'm getting. Geek bench score: mid 9000
  8. Anyone know how to get clover to see a pcie ssd?
  9. has anyone updated to 10.11.4 without problems?
  10. thanks I'm going to try on another note i don't know why but my graphics card doesn't want to show the ram it has and the HDMI port doesn't work. What I did before to get it working was reinstall the web driver, but now it won't work. Any clues to what is causing this problem, I also have the proper boot flag.
  11. ok new problem. For some reason icloud stopped working. I checked to see that the internet was set to the en0 it was before and to my surprise its telling me that i don't have any ethernet cars installed? any help?
  12. Wow thanks was able to get it working by installing the hwmonitors. Got everything working, although iMessage doesn't really work that well... Oh well.
  13. anyone able to get ISTAT menus to show cpu temps? downloaded and installed the latest HWsenors but all i get is the Hard drive temps
  14. Got iCloud to work thanks for all the help @ROBASEFR
  15. used the kext and still no iCloud or app store