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  1. OS X 10.4.5 Package Installer

    Thanks for the info. Can't find any peers at the moment, only getting an error message... EDIT: Got the 200MB patch file, applying that to the 10.4.4 release DVD. Hope I can then get it to work on my Thinkpad...
  2. OS X 10.4.5 Package Installer

    Is this the right one: 3451287? There are no seeders (maybe the tracker is overloaded...) Mike
  3. Install on external USB disk hangs

    Since USB didn't work, I connected the harddisk using Firewae. Now all files were copied, and it rebooted. For a successful boot I now need to create a CHAIN file to be used with the Windows XP bootloader - the ones I found so far don't work. Mike
  4. I try to install 10.4.4 onto an external USB drive. The drive is recognized, and the install starts copying the files, however after some time copying stops. I get no error message, also there are no error messages in the log. Any idea what the problem could be? Anyone got a similar problem and has found a solution? Thanks for your help. Mike
  5. I could install the VMWARE image on my Samsum P40 laptop and it was running. Now I patched the developer DVD with the SSE3-to-SSE2 patches, patched TPM and added the extension. When trying to install, I also get the DMPROXY error... could this be related to the graphic card in the system? Mike
  6. I installed it on my Samsung P40: the network adapter Broadcom Netlink (BCM5788M) does not work the ATI Radion X600 is running, but only with 1024x768 (my display is 1400x1050), and there is no acceleration Mike
  7. What network cards work?

    My Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Controller (BCM5788M) does not work. Mike