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    Bootloader for Lion?

    Apparently there are kexts found on your installer usb that are not found in the chameleon you installed, simply copy paste the kexts in extra/extensions found on your usb to extra/extensions found on your HDD. If it doesn't work then you have installed an older version of chameleon.
  2. abdeir

    [WIP/UNRESOLVED] 10v + Tiger (10.4) [Needs Member Support!]

    If you are on 10.4.8 you can try the Jas package here: https://rs108l34.rapidshare.com/#!downl...0%2834fa3175%29 then fix the resolution (if not working) with this post here : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/20...lution-fix.html
  3. abdeir

    [WIP/UNRESOLVED] 10v + Tiger (10.4) [Needs Member Support!]

    Did you try these: https://rapidshare.com/files/963658534/AppleIntelGMA950.zip https://rapidshare.com/files/2075385807/Natit.kext.zip https://rapidshare.com/files/2783546649/0x27ae.zip Try appleintelgma950 first then the rest.
  4. Touch screen now fully working with calibration. I just googled eGalax (the touchscreen manufacturer) and downloaded the driver here:EETI eGalax Touch
  5. abdeir

    Toshiba NB200 Thread

    I'm not quite sure if it works since I have one and it is not 64 bit compatible whilst it will require a patch which is not yet available. Mostly you must wait for project v0ltr0n the predecessor of NBI inn the new lion age.
  6. abdeir

    Nbi and Dell mini

    I have a Dell inspiron duo. Have been trying to get nbi 0.8.5 to work on my 10.6.3 retail image that I ripped to dmg with Mac then renamed to img due to loss of the Mac whilst had to use windows. Every time I use the 0.8.5 installer on the USB it gets renamed to bootcamp and I can then only see the bootcamp win files. Why is that?
  7. Seeing as you want lion you will need a 64bit comparable processor and due to the fact that you want a netbook there is only a handful of laptops that can, but those that do have a new video card 3100 for example. Whilst you will be forced to chose a laptop hat lacks qe/ci support ( video acceleration ) if that is the case then I would recommend a Dell mini with the new n550 processor.
  8. abdeir

    skype and mic

    I have an nb200 hackintosh I got everything working but the mic won't work in skype. In preferences I chose internal mic and I can hear my own voice from the speakers but still nothing in skype. I'm using applehda, I tried voodoohda but it gave me can't access I/O service.... I think it's because I deleted appleiokit since it gave me a kernel panic. So I'm lost what should I do?