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  1. Dell Vostro 3300 series

    I bought myself a Vostro 3300, and have been fiddling around trying to get it to boot up. (absolute noob wrt OSx). I took the KB off and it has a WWAN slot, along with an apparent connector for antenna. Haven't disassembled to see if it was actually connected or not, but it would appear functional. After trying a number of Empire-EFI combo's and boot DVD's, I managed to install OS-X on it, however it seems to have problems recognizing the touchpad, and also had problems with the USB ports (resulting in a complicated install through just keyboard usage). I imagine I'm missing kext's or something. My ultimate goal is to make it dual/triple boot, but I'm confused with how many partititions need to be created, and how: -Windows by default creates a 200MB primary partition in addition to the one it installs on (will ONLY install on MBR, even if it sees GPT/GUID). -OS-X will ONLY install on GPT/GUID (even though it can see MBR). I read about needing an EFI partition to boot. So, questions: -Is the 200MB partition that W7 creates there for anything, and is it the same as the EFI partition? Is it needed, can that 200MB be used as the EFI partition? -Is the EFI partition the same as the partition where you'd install Chamaleon? -How do I go about creating a hybrid MBR/GPT drive? (Appears as the best way to go). Finally, where would I find kexts specific to the vostro 3300? (Happy to mount, dismount, play with USB, reformat again and again the HD, etc... happily experimenting here). Many thanks in advance.