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  1. run disk utility and clear some of that stuff off of the dash screen...a lot of that stuff you wont use ya know. As far as the cores are concerned you may still be booting with cpus=1 flag...check and see in you bootlist file
  2. Dell inspiron 1564

    did you install the right kexts for your resolution?
  3. just thought you guys should know the guy back on mercury squad has gotten the wireless for the 3945 or w/e up and working a little right now. Im using it right now. 3945 link
  4. intel gma 950 sleep problem

    cypronmaya...i can help you out with getting it to come on dude...you dont need an extra monitor...promise
  5. will do man...thanks for the help. Yeah i was confused when you said black i was like hmm....its weird because i put it into hibernate mode via pmset blah blah blah to 0 and dunno what goes on edit: i've noticed every time i reboot, it brings it back to hibernatemode 3 always...{censored} weird lmao edit2: rebooted and checked and it was in 0, and it still comes alive dim edit3: so it was because i installed the sleep widget it kept coming back and 3 was reloaded. I have since deleted it and it still wakes up dimmed when on 0...still confused as to why edit4: when i close the lid, screen goes off....but when i open it it doesnt come back on and comp is still running like normal edit5: tried the clamshell kext or w/e and it made my mouse not move when booting so i wont be adding that anymore lmao....its weird because i reinstalled and did the 15 min thing and it woke right back up....wonder what the difference is
  6. so when it comes back from sleep, its all dimmed and my mouse wont move or anything
  7. THANK YA DECEIVER MAN. By the way, when i try helping other people i always say a little green guy named deceiver told me and they look at me like wtf?! hahaha. thans again man and will do
  8. alright deceiver...so now im dual booting xp and MacOSX....so how do i get it to go to "sleep" or w/e it is mac's do when i close the lid. For some strange reason i cant find the damn options to alter that and its ticking me off haha...basically like i have to leave my comp OPEN at all times when i want to use it and shut it down if i need to move it somewhere...thanks again edit= Also, when i installed the sleep solution like you said, but when i put my comp to sleep it wakes up with a kernel panic with the appleintelframebuffer kext. Wondering what you would have to say about that
  9. Dude, i couldn't have gotten this thing up and running if it wasnt for you man. Thank you a million times over!......god man thank you thank you thank you!!!
  10. Now, after i have calmed down from my madness, let me explain wait happened. So i installed and selected options that fit to my computer (anyone wants to know, let me know because i remember it after about 30 installations to get it right. So installed and and it rebooted and it did its typical boot to blank screen with "staying alive" playing through my speakers. I was able to get there with no problem after pinpointing exactly what i needed. So then i began to watch some star wars (since i havent seen 1 ever!...) and download a few games for my phone. Then after about 15 mins or so, i hit the power button on the computer and it came on!!!! I kid you not, i guess by default the computer settings cause it to boot sleep and pressing the power button awakes it. But it was after 15 or so mins. This is not, i repeat NOT, confirmed. Its just what happend, i proceeded to do the hibernate thing like you said as well as the sleep solution pkg. I also set the top corners as hot corners just in cast. But yeah.....SNOW LEOPARD IS UP AND RUNNING ON MY MOTHA {censored} 6400 {censored}!!!
  12. but i do have 2 retail discs....ones snow leopard 10.6.3 and the other is 10.5. something
  13. alright deceiver...back to phase 2 (?)...lol. Nah ok i got it installed, downloaded your p list, dsdt, screensleep solution and i know the hibernatemode keys almost by heart. So all i have to do is plug it up to a monitor, run the screen sleep, run the hibernatemode and put your plist where my original is and im all set? edit....phase 3 is profit haha! edit: by the way its at the blank screen with sound again, im trying to do it the right way without the removing way
  14. hey sonotone...sorry to be late and newbish....but what exactly does you iso disc do...i just burned it and i have iatkos v7 and iatkos s3_v2....i take it your disc works better with the v7 since it is leopard instead of snow leopard. But im kind of confused on what it does exactly and how to get around the blank screen thing. Deciever has been great help and pointed me to the extra monitor way but i dont have one around and i dont think i want to make a 20 minute drive to attach it at some library randomly lol
  15. deceiver i am completely lost now...after i get it booted into vga or w/e mode i dont know how to go about installing kexts. i know how to put the bootlist thingy where it goes, it just overwrites it so i know that. But after that i am {censored}in confused