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  1. Not sure if this thread is still monitored. I have a T61, model 7661-XAU. I'm using a pre-built .dmg someone made for their T61, and I'm writing this on Lion now, but QE is not enabled. My model has the 1440x900 LCD, but the best I can get is 1280x800. Enabling the high res in the Chameleon plist doesn't work and corrupts the display, and bluetooth doesn't work. I've tried creating my own DSDT, but the system won't get past TSC CPU errors and ends up KPing. Bluetooth isn't as crucial so much as getting the screen to work. Also, when I use the modified X3100 kexts, I end up with the backlight on and a black screen when the GUI is trying to come up. The guy who authored the .dmg is helping, but we're having some language barrier issues and I'm not so sure he understands exactly what's going on.
  2. I got the installation method to work, but not on the internal display. It only works on an external monitor, and the display is corrupted, as if it isn't in sync with the monitor. The mouse cursor appears normal though. I tried with Graphics Enabler=no and with the resolution down to 1024x768 and the problems are the same.
  3. Is your DSDT UpdateSleep updated so I can actually close the lid to get the system to sleep? I just want to clarify some things before I proceed (only because it takes so long to create the USB key): You state "- Using anothe MAC insert the USB stick, format it and open hidden files,next time open Mac OSXInstallESD and inside you see BaseSystem.dmg.Now restore the BaseSystem.dmg in to USB flashdrive." When you state hidden files - is this so I can locate BaseSystem.dmg and restore that? Next, you state "If you are ready next step is:copy from Mac OSXInstallESD these 4 files-mach_kernel,kernelcashe,bootefi,BaseSystem.chunklist and copy him to USB flash drive. Now we need to copy Extra folder inside USB flash drive(Extra folder is located below ready for use)" So I'm copying these 4 files from which .DMG? Base System, or the the MacOSXInstallESD? Lastly, do I just drag and drop the Extra folder in your zip to the root of the USB key? I'm already familiar with how to install the bootloader. I just wanted to clarify so I do this all correctly.
  4. I just checked it out. I already have 10.7.3 downloaded. Do I absolutely have to use 10.7.4? Even though I keep hearing negative things about the speed and usability of Lion, I'd rather have that than Snow Leopard that doesn't install.
  5. No. How would I go about prepping a USB key with Lion? I tried it again, and the system doesn't KP, but I get a blank screen. I just tried booting with -x for safe mode, and I get the usual Mac background, but no mouse cursor. The capslock turns on and off on my Mac USB keyboard, but it doesn't do much else. I also apologize for not having many posts on here; I tend to lurk on these forums, only posting if I absolutely require assistance (which I do in this case). As for using Lion, would I simply restore the .dmg to my USB key and then use myHack 1.1? I tried before with the current version of myHack, which seems to take FOREVER to create the USB key's image (only to KP). If it helps, the machine is a 7661-XAU. I bought this machine specifically to use as a Hackintosh (as my 2007 machine seems to have issues with the ATI framebuffer). Finally, do I get a 64 bit kernel with Lion?
  6. I should also add that when it KPs, it seems to be something related to disk IO most of the time. Lately, it's been fsck_hfs. Before, it was showing USB and ATA drivers. Does it make a difference what version of OS X we're using initially? I believe the disk I was using was 10.6.7, so would it be better to use a 10.6.0 or 10.6.2 installation image when I'm imaging my USB drive? Finally, I tried editing the com.apple.Boot.plist and took out the GraphicsEnabler line, and still, it didn't work. I bought this 7661-XAU specifically for trying to install OS X.
  7. I'm getting the same as well, and this is a screenshot of my KP: Okay, scratch that - I can't figure out how to post an image as an attachment on here. Originally, it would KP before getting to a GUI; I copied the other files in Extensions to /Extra and now get to the GUI before it KPs (ACPISensors, IntelCPUMonitor, VoodooTSCSync and X3100).