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  1. Wow, that would be great!
  2. So how does it works on a T520? I have one and I'm thinking of installing it. Did you follow any guide/advise in particular? Thanks.
  3. It is a 2 month old machine. I don't think it should have too much dust. What i wonder, is why it gets much hotter than my T60.
  4. Firefox was using 108/130 (% ??) of the CPU. My wife had opened like 100 tabs. If i turn it off, the coolers go down. Now, when firefox WAS running, the sound of the cooler was like the sound of a USB Hard drive? Very strong. Not that it would get you deaf. Is this normal?
  5. the easiest and safest so far is iPlus 2.0. on hackthatphone, you could find step by step instructions, with screens, but is really simple.
  6. question about iphone

    ACTIVATE: will bypass the activation system on the iPhone, efectively removing the 2 year contract requirement with an authorized carrier. UNLOCK: will make the iPhone accept any SIM card of any carrier. JAILBREAK: will open the iPhone filesystem for read and write access, so that third party applications, tweaks, etc can be installed.
  7. After always wanting to have one, I just bought my first macbook in USA. Now, back at Argentina, and not even 2 months of light use, the fan keeps running all the time. The bottom of the macbook is pretty hot, not so much as to burn, but hot. Looks like a motherboard issue, right? Anyone had experience on trying to fix outside USA? Would apple warranty cover it? Thanks.
  8. Leo4Allv3

    Excellent. I just finished downloading v2 Since i got my Macbook, i wanted to also have OSX on my ThinkPad..
  9. ThinkPad T60 (1951A33) Install History

    i didn't installed yet, cause i'm still waiting for a new HD where i would be moving my files. I would probably need help with what you mentioned.
  10. ThinkPad T60 (1951A33) Install History

    thanks, but that is a T60p, totally diferent beast: core solo vs dual core, intel vs ati, etc. There is a sticky on http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=28200 for T60P, and X60, but no plain T60. I would report back.
  11. I have a T60, with this components: ThinkPad T60 1951A33 1.67 gigahertz Intel Core Solo Board: LENOVO 1951A33 BIOS: LENOVO 79ET65WW (1.09a) 07/27/2006 MAT{censored}A DVD-RAM UJ-842 [CD-ROM drive] 60GB HTS721060G9SA00 Hard drive 1016 Megabytes Installed Memory Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF Intel 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family Texas Instruments PCI-1510 CardBus Controller Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C8 Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C9 Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CA Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 27CC SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio CXT ThinkPad Modem Atheros 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter Intel PRO/1000 PL Network Connection I would try to install 10.4.8, anything i should pay attention to?
  12. same here ... but i think my problem is that my pc uses SCSI HD ... (and IDE CD/DVD!)
  13. Stalls at Boot

    PearPC should boot into MacOS? Or what do i do? cause i start pearpc, and it goes up, and closes itself ... I've never used it before ... why would i want to install darwin?
  14. Stalls at Boot

    but to boot in pear pc do i need to have Windows, and i only have OSx installed ... so i would have to install Win2K, or try BartPE?
  15. Stalls at Boot

    same as previous.