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    Urbz got a reaction from xtraa in Possible EFI Implementation booting trought EFI Intel toolkit   
    so, IN THEORY, we have already gotten past and cracked EFI?
    Could someone explain how to make a bootable floppy image? With everything needed to emulate EFI. I will convert it to bootable cd for those interested.
    also, i have a question. What about the drivers? EFI talks to the os and controls the hardware directly, from what i understand. But the drivers that allow this to happen, do they come from the OS, or from EFI, or what? Could someone explain that?
    Also, am i right in summarizing the following:
    We are, through BIOS, loading a device (like cd or floppy) with has EFI and everything that EFI needs to fun on it. From there, EFI takes over the hardware as if we never even booted from the BIOS and is in charge. Then we can boot to an EFI-compatible OS like mac os x 10.4.4. From there, it's all about the OS interacting with our EFI.
    My concern: does EFI ever get loaded into memory? Wouldn't it be slow from a floppy? And then don't we still need to hack TPM? And what if an application gives a call to certify the EFI or something, what would happen?
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    Urbz got a reaction from Larry J in PST files on PC's and Mac's   
    lol ohh... so it's that simple, is it?
    In that case, the fault is wholy Microsoft's: they created .pst, they created entourage.
    Obviously this is not a Mac OS X problem! Whoever suggested that knows very little about operating systems in general.