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  1. Hello, I recently have the same problem. But before this, I could have sworn that I have successfully install Windows 7 on my MacBook (Late '09) without using BootCamp since I already create two HFS+ on my MacBook. I dont remember how I use it, just tought it as a fluke. After a little while, my Windows partition was accidently deleted. And I can't reinstall Windows ("Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style"). My partitions are: 1. FAT32 - EFI Boot 200MB 2. HFS+ 3. Empty partition about 200MB 4. HFS+ 5. NTFS I have try almost all the proposed solution on the net, and still can't do anything.. I don't want to convert my disk using Windows diskpart, since my 4th partition contains all my sacred data.. Weirdly enough, I give rEFIt a shot. And after playing with its disk partioning tool, I CAN install Windows without any problem.. I think you guys (who have the same problem) should try this.. More weird, is if i'm using the same tool after Windows installation has finished. I CANNOT boot to Windows again. Have to do a full installation again. So, I change refit.conf to exclude disk partitioning tool after Windows installation are finished. And now, it works