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  1. So if everything is set correctly in the vmx file where else can I look to troubleshoot? AppleHDA not loading for some reason? Also the darwin.iso I have is 5.0.0 so will there be any benefit trying 5.0.3? Edit to add i've gone back to 10.8.1 via a snapshot and everything is working fine. I'll stay on this for now unless there is an easy fix for the audio issue i'm experiencing on 10.8.3
  2. Thanks Zenith however the vmx file is set to that. Don't know if it using AppleHDA, surely it would have been before I installed ensoniq audio? Audio part of vmx file: sound.present = "TRUE" sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio" sound.fileName = "Speakers (Conexant SmartAudio H" sound.autodetect = "FALSE" This is the same on all my vms where the sound is working fine.
  3. Has anyone lost sound in 10.8.3 under workstation 9.0.0? Everything was working perfectly but after the update my sound has gone and there are no output devices listed. This is on a Dell Inspiron 5520 and the sound card on all other vms comes up as a Conexant Smartaudio H. It worked on 10.8.1 but updating to 10.8.3 it has disappeared. Also what is the correct version of darwin.iso to use as I have several up to 5.0 but i'm getting errors when running 5.0 although after a reboot the screen resolutions are all present so vmware tools is installing. Edited to add i've uninstalled vmware tools and reinstalled using darwin.iso version 5.0 and installed fine. I then installed ensoniq audio 1.03 and rebooted and still no output devices in sound preferences. Any ideas?
  4. Many thanks, just installed on my Mountain Lion vm and sorted out my screen resolution issues.
  5. Anyone know how to fix an issue where if you created a vm in tech preview you then can't open it in workstation 8? As tech preview has finished i've gone back to Workstation 8 but now can't open any vms created in tech preview. I get an error saying the vm was created with a product not compatible with this version... Of course I can't downgrade the hardware version as i'm using a lower version of workstation that what the vm was created in. That appears to mean I can no longer use my virtual machine unless I buy workstation 9. I wish i'd known that before using Tech Preview Edit: Downloading workstation 9 and using the 30 day free trial so I can downgrade hardware versions back to Workstation 8.
  6. Thank you for this post as it saved me a lot of hassle, the command line backup of the kext etc wouldn't work for me where as this worked in a matter of seconds.
  7. http://www.insanelym...ic=270140&st=20 specifically post #28 by you - put a reply at the end of that thread to your post
  8. Can anyone get the update 10.7.3 to install without killing your vm? If so how do you do it? Edit - found a way to fix it.
  9. I'll take thast a no then! Does anyone know if the celeron cpu U3600 is supported by any of the install methods for OSX? I've installed the latest iATKOS successfully but it wont boot to the desktop, just hangs but no kp's.
  10. It's an 11.6 notebook with dual core celeron U3600 and intel ® HD graphics. I've just tried a few releases but all immediately failed to boot so assuming it will be the xbox 360 external drive i'm trying to use playing up. While I wait to get another external drive I wondered if anyone had tried this model (doesn't seem a widely used model!).
  11. MSOK did you manage to get any more info from your colleague on running an osx vm on amd?
  12. Brilliant! I just added the above line and it has worked a treat. Thank you for posting.
  13. I upgraded to vmware player 4 this morning and tried the windows/workstation 8 unlocker in the original post. It gave errors about restarting services at the end of install.cmd but I ran up my SL vm and it worked fine.
  14. Cheers. I've tried with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] but immediately I switch to the osx dvd the same error of cpu shutdown appears. There must be a very specific way of doing this for it to work.