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    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Soon Firefox will have Camino GUI(cocoa GUI) and will overtake camino and Safari. I currently was using Camino, but since there are no extensions I am going to Firefox. OS X - Firefox, with Safari as second. Windows - Firefox Will someone please make a Safari-tab. Similar to IE-Tab on windows. THat way I can use Safari from within Firefox.
  2. nextstep

    using mac os x86 as main operating system

    I was using it as my Main OS, but just went back to Windows XP, here is my reasons: -Mac OS X is hacked and have to deal with updating os the manually if that can be done (using 10.4.4 still), even pirated Windows I hear works better and system updates. -Some apps like Garage band dont output any sound, mouse tearing, etc. Meaining Macs lose their appeal when 5% of hardware work on macs, it makes the it just works untrue but with only 5% of hardware. -Limited apps, besides Apple having less apps than Windows XP, even less work on Intel. Macs are about hassle free use. Having to deal with rosetta, slow apps etc kills the Mac dream. On Windows XP every app works, something Intel macs cant say today or PowerPC with their limited apps. -Windows XP it just works, updates, printer, drivers, apps, tons of apps, hardware. EVERYTHING works. Viruses and such dont matter if you know what your doing. I have never gotten one trojan or virus. (Ironic my only virus that destroyed my data was in os 8.1 when a MACOSRUMORS trojan wiped my drive any of you guys remember that one. I have never told anyone that, the irony, but it was my personal fault not the OS) So I will probably buy a Macbook (since it will probably run Vista) but waiting for august to see what Leopard brings. I have used Vista and the MAC OS GUI warm fuzzy feeling thing is felt with Vista's Aero Desktop. Thinking of going full Vista when it comes out and not getting another mac (of course i will still have my Hackintosh for running iAPPS and others if i need). After Vista Mac OS wont really matter unless Apple makes some great new stuff in Leopard, Vista is a copy os OS X Tiger. For most people, the Every app is supported and hardware choices, with GREAT GUI, Vista is it for 95% of people on the planet. I mean is it silly to have 5 choices in Macs computes, when there are 1000's in PC's? Hell those ferrari Laptops look nice. If people say its all about the MAC OS, well Linux runs on PC's and makes it even cheaper. I am sorry to say but for every Linux geek that is now buying a Mac there are ten people that leave the mac... how many mac users in south america? 10, 100 max? people dont have the money for a cheap PC and there going to buy a MAC? hahaha unless you dont live in the US, you dont see the difficulty in buying a mac.( I live in US by the way) Macs lose thier apeal when you have to worry about apps not working on Mac OS X, and apps is all its about. The Mac OS is a great OS, but apps is what we use, not OS's. Remember also that for 99.7% of the world, Price is the most important thing and Apple has never competed in that area which is why Windows rules the world and will continue unless free Linux takes it away. Apple dosent stand a chance. Sorry for going off, but as a mac user, i am a switcher going to (not windows or Linux) but to Cheap hardware and thousands of hardware choices and options, with a PC that can work as a hakintosh if i ever need a few iApps.
  3. i noticed it got taken down...
  4. nextstep

    10.4.6 Upgrade Released

    the myzar is gone from the pirate, anyone know why?
  5. nextstep

    Windows Media Center 2005 Patch!

    Hmm guys if your going to get TV tuners ad run windows xp all the time to record tv well its not worth it. Just buy a PC and use it as your TV server, dont buy an iMac for MCE... First of all the iMac has no screen choice, dont you want to hook it to your HD tv iMac has one internal drive = external clutter iMac has no interal TV tuners = external clutter I got a cheap Dell server, with 2 tuners, 2 250gb drives, www.orb.com to stream tv to Mac and my cell phone.
  6. What excatly is Mouse tearing? I can play chess and the mouse stays solid, i mean no problems... Screen savers, Google earth etc, the mouse is always fine. The flaws I see is the Pointer ha no shadow and when scrolling websites in safari the mouse sort of leaves a trail of sort.
  7. Working ATI x1600 Pro AGP version by Saphire, bought a week ago: Have 1600x1200 (max my LCD will support) QE CI No Resolution change (only by writing to boot file) VGA works flawless DVI works, but my LCD seems to go to 1280x1024 and scale/fill to 1600x1200. Also I had to ad the Device ID to the x1000 Kext. Hope this helps someone as i had a take a leap of faith the card would work when i bought it. (FYI iMacs use the x1600 which is why i got mine) Edit: forgot, yes mouse tearing still.
  8. Well looks like we might be able to bypass 10.4.4 and go straight to 10.4.5... The new powerbooks (damm), I mean Macbook Pro laptops ship with 10.4.5 OS X disks... http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=102 Figure 8