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  1. Thanks guy that does the job Used nvidiaEFI (never able to get Titan to works) now it's working at every boot but to answer your first question, yes i've planned to use dual screen that's why I get the Natit kext. Now that everything is fine and stable I should have a look at to how setup nvidiaEFI with dual screen (if possible / planned update ?) Thanks alot!
  2. OK nice to know that I'm not alone So you were not able to get QE working even on the "first" boot ? Did you edit your GeForce kext (and maybe NV*40 and Resman) ? On my side nothing new, I've tried again several stuff (none usefull) now that i'm getting a bit bored by this either I write a small script to compare files (md5) from *rebooted install* against *first boot* install or I'll simply install 10.4.8 and wait for fix/news PS: also running SSE2 keep me in touch if you find something
  3. Try to first install OSx to one drive only (with other driver disabled/removed) when it's working edit your (wichever your are using) boot loader to add a boot menu for OSX. As for the XP seeing nothing at all it's FEATURE (no support for HFS+)
  4. Increase Video Resolution

    Don't know about the specific of your gfx drivers installation but to get a shell console (to delete kext) dot this: 1. Hit F8 to get the Darwin Boot menu 2. boot with "-s" 3. fsck -fy 4. mount -uw / 5. cd to /System/Library/Extensions and delete unwanted kext (rm -Rf) 6. remove Extensions caches
  5. Using linux drivers in OSX86

    don't want to ruin your hope but Steve's *announced* this on the 1st of April 2007....
  6. Have you tried to boot into OSX ? AFAIK XP won't be able to read HFS+ partition so it may say something like partition empty/unrecognized as for Journaled filesystem, wikipedia and google are your firends....
  7. still not working what I've found is that when it works (aka first boot) Natit.kext is only loaded once (from -v verbose) after a reboot it's loaded twice (and hangs up). any idea from *where* it could be loaded a second time ? (already checked, caches, duplicate extension and rc file for kextload) any help still welcome...
  8. still trying to figure out what goes wrong (thanks I've done a MacRescue partition I can tell you that it's not (cause I've copied o: - Permissions on Kexts - Kexts that get modified - cache of the kext - the content of /etc (yeah I start to try everything) i'll start looking of other cached files, still appreciate any pointers.....
  9. no boot sector detected

    boot in single user mode (-s) when you have the prompt do: fdisk -e /dev/disk0s1 (replace disk0s1 accordingly to your setup of HDs and Partitions) from there see the help, there should be something as fix mbr and set active partition (can't remember the switch right now) when you've finished, save your change with: write if that doesn't work you may need to go to Disk Utility and reformat your partition AND check in options that you've MBR checked. Then try a restore from your old disk. good luck
  10. no boot sector detected

    Does it *really* says that ? Check if your new disk is setup with a MBR (either fdisk -e or Disk Utility -> partitions -> options)
  11. Since I've got it to work, I have every needed kexts/drivers setted up and loaded correctly, it's just some new permissions, new files or modifications that happens either on the 1st_boot (that make QE/CI works) or on the 2nd_Boot (that hangs on "black" screen). have to investigate newly accessed files, still any advice welcome.
  12. already done, it's even worse (_never_ load the desktop). I've tried every single install method (titan, natit, .4.8, editing/no editing, etc) to get QE/CI to work. The one described below is the only that (kinda) worked for QE/CI.
  13. UPDATE: Seems to be some "preferences files" that get screwed up -> if I restore an image (replacing old files but keeeping the new kexts) it's working (but still only for "one boot") Any pointers at to wich file(s) may be modfied/screwed greatly appreciated, thanks
  14. Starnge problem here. I've got my 7600 GS (AGP) to work (QE&CI) under 10.4.9 (Uphuck): 1. Copy Natit0.2 kext 2. Edit GeForce, NVDAResman, NVDANV40 kexts with device ID (0x02e110de) 3. Repair permissions Rebooting Screen goes "off"/Black for a while (let's say 30sec) before showing the desktop Got QE & CI enabled (supported) - tested, seems ok Didn't change any settings, rebooted -> Screen stay Off/Black and never "show" the desktop. Any Idea ?
  15. Actually... you don't even need to edit info.plist.