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  1. Ati X1400 mobility with Evoenabler

    it looks like there might be a way to run ati x1400 with evoenabler and ati1600controller.kext. edited ati1600controller, atix1000 and atiframebuffer kexts with proper ids, installed with evoenabler. the problem was there was no output on lvds, but the laptop was loading. i had ioregistry loaded on startup so i managed to save the info blindly. i include the saved file. what i think for lvds no output the problem might be mac not reading EDID from lvds. i tried to force to read it by editing info in system/library/displays but no output. it might be that my EDID was wrong, though it works well with RadeonHD.kext. i extracted it with ubuntu. if anyone is willing to work on this i can give more info on how i did this. does anyone know how evoenabler works. is it using atiframebuffer.kext or does it use it's own framebuffer. i'm doing this all to make the card work with ati custom personalities. My system: Acer Aspire 5672WLMi, ati x1400 128Mb, ioregistry.zip
  2. is there gonna be any updates on this driver. i have aspire 5672 with ati x1400, the last radeonHD works good except for sometimes my computer will crash and i think it's because of grahics card. the console won't show any log after the crash. would it make sence for me to play with graphics power management. the problem seems to be really close to fermi freezes. whenever i have screensaver running it wont crash for hours, but when i don't have it, it will crash it very often
  3. Acer Aspire 5672 DSDT.aml

    i don't think bcm5789 is gonna work. if you want i can give you my dsdt with some extra fixes (PRB, AHCI, HPET, cpus=1 completely fixed) still working on speedstep code. Btw, also woking on creating ati x1400 personalities.
  4. How are you doing guys. i have acer aspire 5670 with ati x1400. running radeonHD too. after long time playing with radeon dump i was able to extract info from ROM. i was trying to create personalities for this card, but everytime i load ati1600controller.kext with 7145 device id, i get a kp. i do know that my cpu speedsteping is not working fully. chameleon succsesfully generates P and C states. but i can't overcome CPUPLimit (it gives me 0x02). can it be i'm getting this kp because of no speedsteping?). if i run EvoEnabler with wormy no kp but no screen output. also it might be that i really don't know how to build those personalities. if anybody is intrested in getting this card working without radeonhd please let me know, and let's work on it. i'm including my radeon and linux dumps. Dumps.zip
  5. Hi, just wondering what kexts are you using to run your laptop, i have, aspire 5672. with radeonhd i get mouse tearing, and i also changed wlan to bcm4311 which shows up in DPCIManager but i can't turn it on. I'm using dsdt, do i have to change somthing over there for computer to see it? What about the audio? i'm using voodoohda, but it's terible, how did you enable your audio
  6. GraphicsEnabler=Yes PciRoot=1 chameleon2RC5 latest rev. device id in nvdagf100hal.kext and applegraphicspowermanagement.kext(if you're on macpro 3.1 no need for id in agpm, for macpro 4.1 delete appletymcedriver.kext before restart or you might get kp) i'm on imac10.1
  7. gts works in sl and lion both. before i got gtx460 i had palit gts450. GE=yes, RootUid=1. with sl used official nvidia drivers (card freeze problems), lion - device id's in kexts (card was running without freezes.
  8. Acer Aspire 5672 DSDT.aml

    Are you still working on Aspire 5672. I'm trying to inject audio to dsdt.aml, did a lot of things allready. just wondering maybe someone already got this thing done and i'm just killing myself for nothing. one more thing, i got my atix1400 working with radeonhd but have some mouse tearing, what about yours, is it working good, could you upload your kexts?
  9. {Library} VoodooHDA PinConfig

    Did you get your voodoohda patched, i have same aspire 5672. could you upload your info.plist?