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  1. Sorry for the necrothread. I have the same device ID and have just tried this. It yields the same result as any other KEXT I've tried, including the official Realtek installer as found here. Upon installation and a reboot, OS X always show that the ethernet is connected with a self-assigned address... this is without the LAN cable plugged in! I've also already tried this other thread, no joy so far. This is a very strange problem. Does anybody have a viable solution?
  2. If you're using a 3TB drive as your primary, and you dual boot on it, your best bet is still Paragon. Even the most current version of MacDrive fails on 3TB drives and will leave you with a 2.2 limit.
  3. ATi 45xx Support in Lion?

    Wow. The nerves, huh. On a Mac forum, no less. So ladies and gangbangers, I give you a short journey of our illustrious pissing Andy. No, Andy! Run! Run, Andy! RUUUUNNNNN!
  4. My Lion is 16-bit colour with Chimera ? :(((

    My ATI is HD 6550M. Your built-in display will always be showing 16-bit (or more like 10-bit) depth. I'd chalk that up to inadequacies in our ATIController KEXT. But the good thing is, once you hooked your K52JR up to an external display, the color will be 32-bit. If I guess it right, you shouldn't be able to use your HDMI port to connect to external displays, with Eulemur as your framebuffer. You will need to test out every framebuffer. In my case the only one usable for external displays is Langur. Give it a shot.
  5. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Holy {censored}e. Are you saying that using Hoolock as frame buffer, your laptop's built-in display is showing SMOOTH GRADIENT, unlike everyone else with AMD 5650 and 6550? Well then, set your wallpaper to either "Ladybug" or "Eagle & Waterfall", then run Launchpad and see if you don't see the same 10-bit type banding effect as these screenies*: The above are shot with a camera instead of screen-captured because once output to a proper display capable of 32 bit color, the banding artifact will be gone. BTW, Hoolock isn't the only frame buffer to use, not at all, or at least not on my 6550 card. Before this, I always held on to the superstition (thanks to this thread and others) that Hoolock is where it's at. Last weekend I sat down with 2 pints and went through every goddamn ATI frame buffer on the list. My finding is nothing short of amazing. There are plenty of frame buffers that work EXACTLY LIKE Hoolock: Same exact performance, same 10-bit banding on the built in display, same blank output on external display. I sat patiently through it all, typing "GraphicsEnabler-Y AtiConfig=xxxxx" on each reboot, spell checking carefully each time. I really thought I could strike gold and find the perfect frame buffer that will give me that elusive 32-bit color on the internal display. Sadly, I came up with none. I think the ATI5000Controller KEXT is to blame. After all, if the KEXT is working right, then we should be able to use the display ports for external output. Fortunately, my effort wasn't completely wasted. I found one frame buffer that manages to do what others wouldn't. So without further ado, try and set this on your Chameleon Wizard: AtiConfig=Langur
  6. NV GT420M works on OS X 10.6.5 now!

    This patch only works due to the 420M in your Acer isn't paired with Intel chipset. Others with Optimus aren't so lucky.
  7. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Is there any way we can bad rep {censored}s who post bogus solutions? That way peeps would be less inclined to punk poor fools like us who are looking for genuine solutions.
  8. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    I was wondering what "IBE" means, until I realised it was "ONE". Tut tut, Miss Glau. For a terminator, it isn't like you to miss two keys in a row.
  9. Install Mac OS X Leopard

    Better late than never, right? I read somewhere that you have to first flash your firmware to the one meant for XP. This means you'd be disabling hybrid graphics and going on only discrete, which would be a battery hog. It's not worth the trouble.
  10. Prince of Persia 4 coming to Mac in March

    And...? Come on, it's 2010. Where are the screenies?