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  1. Yes, quicktime - same issue.
  2. Hello all My System is running fine so far, beside the fact when closing Apps or loading a website iTunes pauses for a few seconds. Example: If I quit Safari while music playback in iTunes, it seems that iTunes pauses a few seconds till the task is done and then plays again.. Any idea what can be the cause?
  3. Hi all What should I do to run Lion on a Intel Pentium P4 3GHz (FSB800)? I have installed iAtkos L1, with my Intel Core 2 Duo the ystem runs fully in 64Bit mode. What do I have to change to run it on my P4?
  4. minko

    P5G41T-M/USB3 - Bug Son ALC887

    Kazoul, quelle version du bios tu as?
  5. minko

    success with dual boot Hackintosh

    Hawk007, me too! Going crazy about getting this Mobo to work!!
  6. minko

    ASUS P5G41T-M LX - Lion install

    Hello all I really don't understand why for some people it works flawlessly and for other not! I tried everything on this board to set it as AHCI but apparently with no luck. Hangs on the bootscreen.. I'm trying to find a mod Bios, this helped me with an older asus board. Installing with iAtkos L1 USB - but can't boot Installed on an other Mac then changed the drive to this board - Chameleon starts up, then black screen, no boot any idea?
  7. Damn AppStore!

  8. ++SOLVED++ -> EFI STUDIO ETHERNET STRING IN BOOT.PLIST + A WORKING DRIVER FOR MY BUILT IN ETHERNET <- Hello all After 4 years of absence I build a new hackintosh (again). After a Bios mod, a new graphiccard (cause the 7300gt is not working in 64bit mode) I have a stable 10.7.2 system working. Now, App store is not working and personally I have no clue why. I have read a lot of articles, and it's confusing to me cause there are so many reasons this could be. Can somebody help me out or give me a hint how to deal with it? Here my configuration: Asus P5K SE / EPU (Bios AHCI Mod) Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz / 4GB Ram Asus HD 6450 Silent iAtkos L1 install, updated with Software updater to 10.7.2 Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello all, Yea, I was a bad guy and downloaded iLife 08, the singel packages. Now, when I start ilife08.pkg it starts to check my system and tells me that i have no supported version. I run leopard on a macbook pro, so it must work!! can somebody help me? witch file have I to change? thx a lot
  10. hello santfekuss i think that for now the best way is to open an itunes account (us! as I have described.. ) and NOT going throught this SSN 999 method. Why? I have read that hey have changed thier method of registraion and if you are registering like this, you will have a 2 year contract.. So, do use an other activation method like the anderson one, and wait till they will unlock this baby -> as i have seen, it will take his time but its on the way. thanks to the dev team, they are doing a really great job!!
  11. minko

    Unlocking iPhone

    I'm very sceptical, too. But I ask mysel if I should try..
  12. minko

    Unlocking iPhone

    take it easy !MP.. There is a significant progress on the unlocking. If there are some superbrains around with experience on SIM cards, visit this tread: http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1744 It's all about mod the SIM card (SuperSim or Silvercard, etc..) and one user has done something with proxy SIM and is able to place cals on this local network..
  13. No it doesn't work. Only AT&T. But for now, I have news. First of all, you can easly activate your iPhone from outside US. Just apply for a Wirecard on www.wirecard.com. Then, create a new paypal account for US and give an US adress (simply one existing, ask google). After this, link the wirecard to paypal, and after 3 days you can see that paypal uses 1.95 $ of your wirecard account and you have the code to activate your card on paypal. Paypal will not ask the adress to confirm on the Wirecard accont. Now, create an iTunes account for US, take paypal as payment method. After that, you can easly activate your iPhone with the prepayd gophone plan. thats all!
  14. minko

    Unlocking iPhone

    to do what? unlocking?