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  1. I have solved this problem by erasing and repartitioning SSD from installation DiskUtility.
  2. Clover Themes

    Simple Gray author: hijeane version 0.4 (unofficial) - fixed - optimized graphics - lion icon fix Squares author: Marian Arlt projectosx version 1.2 (unofficial) - optimized graphics - optimized for fullhd. You should download v1.1 if you want to use this theme on hires monitors. squares_v1.2_unofficial_huski.zip simple_gray_v0.4_unofficial_huski.zip
  3. Nope. Dont set AtiConfig at all. Read updated instructions. ATIRadeonX1000.kext for replacing and ATI1900Controller.kext for editing. Other ATI kext is unchanged but must be present.(ATISupport, ...) Verify every step if you stuck just start over. 1) Boot with any resolution. Verify. 2) Resolution. Verify. 3) Qe/Ci. Done!
  4. Lion Support "I'm shark! I'm shark! …" - Alopias First of all I'm sorry that I'm too late. I dont understand why no one post this before in June. Well finally, it's time for Alopias. Step one: If you can boot with any resolution it would be enough at this point. If not: just use attached bootloader (I've just compiled Azimutz chameleon synched with trunk r1764) You have to edit boot.plist, put dsdt, smbios, themes to Extra and so on as usual do… Also I assume you have Os Lion installed already. Step two: Get resolution. You may have resolution work, but anyway just do this simple step. In ATI1900Controller.kext/Content/Info.plist find IONameMatch and replace value with your Id (7280). You can do this in textmate, nano etc. Reboot with ignoring caches just for sure (UseKernelCache=No - type before booting) Step three: Get QE/CI acceleration. Even simpler then previous - replace ATIRadeonX1000.kext with patched one. And don't forget fix the owner of file. sudo su [Enter] Password. chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext Reboot ignoring caches. Dont combine and mixup, only step by step) Done! After each system update or if you did something or you are stuck: delete ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATI1900Controller.kext (or replace with originals) and repeat step 2 and 3. Tested on 10.7.0 and 10.7.2. Want to say hello to PiErOF81 Redownload, first version was broken. Lion.x1950.huski.zip Lion.x1950.GT.huski.zip
  5. some guy got it worked with lion. see at wiki.