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  1. i know wat u mean mate , ive got the same problem , thpu safari is stable. but everything else itunes etc keeps crashing . CAN ANY ONE HELP US PLEASE !!!
  2. DVD drive not reconised! plz help

    heyya i have ideneb v1.6 lite running on a hp compaq nc6320 laptop, every thing works apart from the wireless (intel pro wireless wm394ABG ) and my DVD drive. the wireless is just in need of the right kext (if anyone can plz help) the DVD is not listed under the eject icon on the task bar but it will still read dvds but when i come to play sims 3 , its says no disk plz retry. can anyboady help plz............ thnaks
  3. OSX on Acer Aspire 5100

    hi all i have a acer aspire 5100 laptop running mac os x leopard , do u still need some help ?????
  4. hi all i have a acer aspire 5100 laptop after i install ideneb v1.6 lite it restart and boots back to the CD to part 2 of the setup wireless network etc and the keyboard and touch pad will freeze and become unuseable unless i plug a USB Mouse and keyboard in (i do not own a USB keyboard) the system will be unuseable. i'm voodoo ps2 patch with comes on the instation disc , ive tried using no patch and then it doesnt find the keyboard or touch pad. Many thanks for your time.......
  5. hi all i have a acer aspire 5100 laptop 1.6 dual core AMD processor 1GB DDR2 ram (soon to be upgraded to 4GB) 110GB SATA HD acer signal up 802.11b/g wireless lan card ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 256mb i have ideneb v1.6 running on my laptop the only problems are..... the screen resoultion is stuck at the defualt ( i need the graphics card driver) wireless doen't work ( need driver for a acer signal up 802.11b/g wirless lan card) the mousepad after about 10 mintues freezes and only can then be used if i plug a USB mouse can anybody help with these problems?????
  6. is there a way of building a mac?? just put together all the parts surported my the retail snow leopard so that nothing has to be hacked. the idea is that i can insert the retail snow leopard disc and install from that as if i was installing on a actual mac, (no patches, boot loaders etc ) is that possible????? if so what parts would work..... the specs i would like is .... 3.0ghz dual or quad core intel processor 8GB RAM Graphics card with 1GB memory 1tb hard drive 1 DVD RW Intel motherboard (capible of holding 2 indentical graphics cards so that i can use 3 screens if mac can run 3 screens???? SO DO YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP??????? MANY THANKS........
  7. really need some help i really want to run os x leopard

    @ verdant so what your saying is that i get lawlessPPC..... leo install that ( with my IDE HD in and then once installed leopard and its working then i can get snow leopard?????? if so do you think you could provide some intructions on installing lawless?? and how to get it working. i.e. how to start up lawless installation to the finished working os desktop..... and yes i do have a SATA DVDRW many thanks.....
  8. really need some help i really want to run os x leopard

    i've listed my hardware above.... and when you sau try that. i need to know what to try, where to get it and how to install it....
  9. really need some help i really want to run os x leopard

    i will happly use the SATA for mac. i dont mind wiping it.
  10. hello all my computer is built up of: gigabtye s-series m61pme-s2 (motherboard) AMD athlon 64 2.6ghz (single core) socket am2 2GB DDR2 800mhz ram nvidia geforce 9400gt 512mb samsung super writemaster DVD RW 250GB IDE (clean) hard drive (for mac) im not that bothered if it'll dual boot with windows as i can just use mac's parralels or somthing like that. as long it boots to mac i'm happy. but i do have a 250gb sata hd with windows 7 on if anyone knows hows to dual boot using both hard drives IDE for mac , sata for windows would be much thanked.... im up to try any method to get mac os x leopard to boot on my pc. any links that i may need can be emailed to: J.D.Cobley@hotmail.co.uk as not aloud on the fourm and detailed video or manual or anything that will tell me what to do and how is also much need and will be a big help. can anybody help?????? many thanks for your time...........