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  1. You're using the JMicron kext for the PATA. I would hazard a bet that changing to SATA DVD-RW (they're what, $25 @ Newegg?) would fix many if not all of your issues.
  2. Are you using a PATA DVD drive? Or HDD? If you are, get rid of it & use SATA. PATA will cause you nothing but pain. The JMicron kext is finicky - for instance, you'll get kernel panics w/ more than 3GB of RAM. Etc.
  3. The DSDT.aml file that I generated fixed my sleep. Shutown/Restart will still borked, but OpenHaltRestart fixed those too.
  4. I got around to building my Hackintosh today. Here's a rundown of what I did ... comments/suggestions/ridicule are welcome. Hopefully this is helpful for someone, and I can reference it later to remember what I did. Hardware GA-EP45-DS3R motherboard, bios F10 Q9650 3GHz Core 2 Quad 4GB DDR2-800 nVidia 6600 256MB 320GB Seagate SATA HDD Pioneer SATA DVD-RW The only OS this computer is running is Leopard. I used the grub-dfe.iso Boot-132 disc to install from a retail Leopard disc. The only hiccup I had was that after using the Disk Utility to partition my disk, the installer crashed & I had to reboot the whole thing ... installed fine after that. After the first boot, I set up munky's EFI boot partition using the kext's from the grub-dfe.iso. These consisted of dsmos.kext, IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext, and SMBIOSEnabler.kext. I did not use ACPIPS2Nub.kext since I'm not using PS2 keyboard or mouse; only USB. A reboot w/ the -f flag later and I had a bootable 10.5.1 system from the retail disk. Then I updated everything via Software Update, until there weren't any more updates. The machine wouldn't reboot or shutdown - the OS would shutdown, the screen would blank, but the computer just stayed on. Firewire worked out of the box. The 2 NICs worked out of the box as well, but I was getting the "GetHostUUIDString" error (found this by checking dmesg .... open the terminal and "sudo dmesg"). I fixed this by editing NetworkInterfaces.plist in this manner. This fixed that problem. Next step I took was to add a com.boot.Apple.plist file to my EFI partition that had the EFI string for my nVidia graphics card. I made this using the handy EFIStudio tool - simply wrote the EFI string to the standard com.boot.Apple.plist file, copied that file to the EFI partition, and then removed the graphics entry from the standard file. Another reboot later, and I had full graphics support w/ QE/CI enabled. Nice. Then I fixed the ICH10 thing via the method on page 3 of this thread... change a couple plist files in the Apple supplied kexts listed. Thanks MacUser225. Next step was to get sound working. I used the "889a.Audio.ICH10.zip" file attached to this thread. No audio strangeness that I can hear (pops, etc). Audio does not show up in the System Profiler. All of the inputs/outputs are listed in the Sound preferences dialog, though. I'm using 2-channel output & the headphone on the frontpanel and both work. The 2-ch output on the back is listed as "internal speaker" and the front panel headphone is listed as "headphone". Selecting one mutes the other; it doesn't happen automatically (like I'm used to it doing in Windows or Linux) but it's functional enough. Thanks MacGenius (ccg). Then I tried out the DSDT stuff. You can read about it here. After this, my computer slept but it still would not turn off or restart correctly. I also have not tried removing the IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext from my EFI partition yet, so I don't know how successful the DSDT patch was. I'm pleased sleep works though. If you try the patcher, I used the "emulate Vista" option; I never did figure out which option you should use in which situation. It may be a case of trying them all to see which works best. Thanks for the education fassl, this is something I want to play with more in the future. So to fix the reboot/shutdown issues I was having, I stuck Psystar's OpenHaltReboot.kext in my EFI partition. This fixed the restart/shutdown issues for me. Sleep still works. Sweet. You can get the kext here. That's where I am. The "About This Mac" screen says "3 GHz Unknown" for my CPU, and I could probably change that if it bothered me either by using OSX86Tools, hacking the files by hand or possibly by using a different SMBios kext. I'm not sure which is the best option. If anyone has suggestions for how to do things better, I'd love to hear about it. I'd like to get audio & the ICH10 stuff working from the EFI partition, and I'd like to go about validating if my dsdt.aml file is decent/working or not. Those are probably the things I'll work on next.
  5. You have no footer that I can see.
  6. Leopard [10.5.1] D-Link WUA-130 USB Wireless/WiFi

    Little feedback - this thing works great in Leopard 10.5.5 with the 10.4 driver. It doesn't show up as an Airport card - it has it's own little interface that works well.
  7. HP Compaq 6910p compatible?

    I did this once. If I remember right (it's been a while), I got most things to work but for whatever reason had to disable one CPU core in the BIOS. Don't remember why but that stands out as an a-ha moment.
  8. Quick FYI - the D945GCLF2 is available now. Same board it looks like, but with the dual-core Atom CPU. Same price (or nearly the same) and only 4 more watts.
  9. Thanks to the Kalyway IRC channel ... mount -uw / touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone passwd root enter a root password type exit enjoy mac os
  10. Same problem here on my nc6400. I'm pretty much out of ideas.
  11. Finally Wireless networking!

    I know I'm bumping an old post, but I wanted to document that I got my Broadcom 4306 card working in 10.4.8 using this method. I edited the kext to only include the 4320 and 4306 lines (took out all the other PCI device ID lines). Works like a charm for me.
  12. Glad you figured it out. I was going to post that suggestion. I went through pretty much the same thing tonight.
  13. Moderate progress on my part. Looks like my QT problems are not driver related after all... JaS 10.4.8 reseed DVD installed QT 7.0.4. An update to QT 7.1.2 fixed my problem with the nVidia card, and I have a feeling the same would be true of the GMA950. I will have to go back and try that after I get sound (ALC882) up and running.
  14. JaS 10.4.8 SSE3 Intel Only ISO -

    You have an ICH7 Southbridge, right? I had the same problem. Luckily, I installed using a PS2 mouse & keyboard, so I was able to work through it easier. To fix the USB, I simply installed the topmost driver from here: http://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers...d/usbdebug.html All seems well with USB on my box now, but I've only done preliminary testing. Still trying to work out other kinks.
  15. Zam, have you tried running a QT movie? I get the same white screen in 10.4.8 JaS reseed install with an nVidia 6600, CI/QE enabled. The movie runs fine when CI/QE are not enabled, strangely enough.