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  1. Yes. Filename is "DSDT.aml" and it is placed in /Extra Any suggestion?
  2. Ok for network and sound but nothing good for About this mac... I downloaded the i7 920 DSDT.aml and placed it in /Extra folder and rebooted. After reboot I still see Intel Xeon... Maybe I have to edit smbios.plist.. I don't know... What do you suggest I do? thanks
  3. Yesterday I did it exactly. I tried to reinstall Lion several times and now finally works! I don't know why... However I was not able to get to work the network card and audio. How did you make it work? Besides I have an i7 920 on a P6TSE but in "About This Mac" I see an Intel Xeon processor (and a writing that says Macbook Air). I attached a screenshot... How can I fix this to see something like your "About this mac"? Thanks!!
  4. Hi! I installed as described (Lion GM) but at first reboot (after installing Chameleon on "Lion" partition) it boots very slow!! it takes like 5 minutes to boot!! I tried to boot in verbose mode and this is what i see (attached image)!! At third reboot it hangs on Waiting for DSMOS....Who can help me?? Besides I wanna know if it's possible to delete the Boot partition. Thanks!