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  1. MSI MS-7502 Lion Install Need Bootcd

    Hey there! I'd suggest you wait a bit since the officicial release of MAC OSX Lion is almost here. This means that at the very moment Lion steps out, there will be guides around how to install it. Installing the final version just might differ from installing a DP version. For reference, installing the developer preview is easy if you have a fully functioning Snow Leopard installation. You basicly need to download Lion DP4 DVD, create an installation partition using it, install the latest Chameleon RC5 (can boot all the MAC OSX's as well as the Lion installation partition) and simply install Lion. I'd say that a well editet DSDT is a must. (Goes to Lions Installation partitions Extra folder, DSDT Autopatcher version might well work) You'd also need to add the right smbios.plist as well as com.apple.boot.plist configuration file to the same folder. To put this post short, you dont need to use some USB workarounds. Chameleon RC5 boots everything you need and it's always a good idea to have a working Snow Leopard (SL) there in case something goes wrong. It's also good to have a backup of SL itself too... Carbon Copy Cloner is the right tool for backups and it's free. If you need a guide, more information or files, etc. , just drop a post!
  2. Fix for "pci configuration begin" Fermi/Lion/Chameleon

    Got the same problem with Asus K52Jr (Intel i3 350M and ATI 5470 1GB) and the "new cat" installation. Will try kexts from SL installation and see if anything good turns out.
  3. Intel Soft Raid - ICH10R

    There is no way to get Intel Matrix Raid to work in Mac OS SL. Instead use Mac Software Raid. Hope this helped! PS: Intel Raid is actually software RAID too.
  4. Well I have Asus K52Jr and I managed to install Snow Leopard on it using TonyMacs guide. No I just need to do some DSDT modding to get everything working.
  5. getting QE working on Radeon HD4650

    Plug in a cable or an adapter (ex. VGAtoDVI) to the second monitor output. Most likely you're not getting any signal pecause there is only one monitor output connected. I don't know why this happens but that should do the trick.
  6. Multiple Kernel flags in boot.plist

    A space between those two flags should do the trick. Both flags should be on the same lane.