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  1. Has anyone got shutdown / restart working in D830 Nvidia 140m no DSDT. please help...everytime I place with kexts or DSDT, I crash my system and need to restore...(3 / 4 hrs of work only to restore ) please help
  2. you mean I should start with -v -x before updating to 10.6.8 or after. also I must use kext wizard after update ? cos after updating to 10.6.8 I am not able to access anything please help or if there is a step by step guide kindly share
  3. 10.6.8 officially released

    Any solution for my case ???? I tried everything even FakeSMC and stuffs that are being discussed I do not get any error message but the system hangs. when I went through the debug mode I could see pci configuration finish its work and then comes to the HDD check and there's a stop !!! the whole system hangs I cannot even use the keyboard but only shutdown using power button. I had to reboot with the DVD and restore to older working version.... please help if anyone has got this issue. I need to update so I can use sleep / shutdown / restart also intermittently the system CPU usage goes high and my mac goes damn slow. Solution please thanks in advance.
  4. hi how did u get the 10.6.8 working ??? I tried what u said and followed the installation along with the legacy kernel. but my D830 hangs at gray screen. when I did a verbose, I cudn't see any error or KP but its stuck at a message "Checking Catalog File" I guess thats where the disk is checked. nothing works even the keyboard !!! let me know what the other Masters have done to make it work.
  5. 10.6.8 officially released

    Hi All, I have a D830 and installed iATKOS S3 V2 and updated to 10.6.7 everything works except sleep / shutdown / reboot and sometimes intermittently slow. then I saw the 10.6.8 update so I downloaded the update and installed, could not boot. searched the forum and found legacy kernel so again I restored by 10.6.7 and installed 10.6.8 update, before rebooting I installed the legacy kernel. rebooted nothing works. tried all the options including npci=0x2000 as well as replacing the kexts (AppleIO,IOPCI and sleep enabler) I do not have PCI configuration begin error or anything I pass with that but I do see a warning "Warning: Kernel was not built with custom dyld blob" after that "Bug:launchctl.c:3557(23930:17:ioctl (s6,SIOAIRADDR_IN6,&ifra6) ! = -1" it goes for disk checking and I get some messages then comes the Error: Firewire unable to determine security code after that I get a message "Checking catalog file" and thats it. the whole system is stuck I cannot use keyboard or anything but press the power button. Please help I need to perfect the system with shutdown. regards and thanks in adv. Niranjan
  6. Hello friends, Im new here....I have a Dell D830 and after lot of pain & hassles I got iatkos v7 installed on this laptop. I had nearly everything working...except shutdown/restart/sleep sleep still works but sometimes doesn't come up but for shutdown or restart, all the applications close the GUI closes and I see a blank screen with no activity even the caps doesn't work...nothing works and this goes on for infinity.... I read in many posts that there is a problem with shutdown and restart but are everyone getting the same like me. if not then there is something different here... request all the experts here to share their knowledge to make my system working best....I dont have a good battery so I need to have shutdown / restart to work best without crashing the system. PS: I also upgraded to 10.5.8 using the system update.... regards Niranjan
  7. Hi All I have Dell D830 After lot of tries I got iAtkos -v7 installed on the system and then updated to 10.5.8 through system update (278MB). after I did the upgrade it asked for reboot. but soon after reboot I get kernel panic and to worsen up even the iatkos -v7 DVD is not booting....giving me kernel panic tried the below boot option -v platform=X86PC mach_970 -v -x -f -v platform=X86PC cpus=1 -v platform=X86PC cpus=2 mach_970 -v -x -f cpus=1 mach_970 -v -x -f cpus=2 -v platform=X86PC mach_970 -x -f (along with the cpus option) but nothing seems to work now to boot iatkos. please help