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  1. Yes!!! 10.13.2 solves that problem Solved !!
  2. Solved !! After updating to 10.13.1 and see that the problem continued, install macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and everything has returned to normal, iconagentservices does not exceed 36 MB and all hard drives are recognized and work properly without chash finder. High Sierra goodbye
  3. yes, but as I can do it, if I try to enter any hdd the finder crashes. tomorrow I will try install macOS Sierra to see if the problem is solved, if it works I do not go back to high sierra or crazy!!
  4. No, the Finder does not respond and iconservicesagent returns to restart it I kill it and it returns again and again and again, and the Finder does not respond Beachballing EterCherk Beachballing.rtf
  5. Change icons to Folders or files by custom icons in icns format
  6. yes, but why finder is not open in any HDD with customized icons
  7. It's curious, I have 2 build: 1: Mobo: Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H CPU: i7-4790K RAM: 32GB 2100 GHz Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 2: Mobo: Z270M-D3H CPU: i5 7600K RAM: 16GB 2400 GHz Graphics: EVGA GTX 750 TI In the 1 Build I do not have the problem of the iconservicesagent crazy, its operation is correct and I use the same installer for the Build 2. will it be by Kaby lake? I attach my config.plist config.plist.zip
  8. installation from 0 and the result is the same, iconservicesagent crazy and Finder does not respond.
  9. the problem persists, ICONSERVICESAGENT is crazy!! Desktop.zip
  10. The apps installs is: Blu-ray Player Pro Handsoff Hyperdock Cleanmymac EtreCheck.zip
  11. Hi, I install clean high sierra on SSD, the iconservicesagent keeps on bogging down the system while eating up all the memory in a few seconds and then filling up my OS drive (an SSD) with swap space. I can force quit it in Activity Monitor, and I need to do it several times, before I can use my Mac again. I happen to internal and external hdd with custom icons in videos, there are not many system utilities ready for High Sierra, but deleting caches does not help anything. The Finder works on the main disk, but upon entering another HDD the iconservicesagent starts to function and blocks the computer completely. With the 27-inch iMac me the same happened, is a disaster!! the solution they give me in apple care is to reinstall the system from 0, I have already done it 2 times and the problem persists, that you have made apple, you have no solution for this? High Sierra disaster, with macos saw not the problem of ICONSERVICESAGENT Help!!