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  1. If you have a motherboard that uses UEFI type bios (eg: gigabyte H61M-DS2 rev 2.2), YES , you just have to strike F12 key and enter setup. You can not do that (I tried) with a bluetooth dongle (e.g.: TARGUS), so this is an other good reason to go for this mod.
  2. Hi, I did this mod, using: - an apple bluetooth module (for macbook 13" core duo) - an audio usb 4 pins connector supplied with motherboard (gigabyte) - a 3,3v dc convertor like this one:ld1117 series - soldering iron... Here is the result, working perfectly with magic mouse and keyboard: I now need to insulate my wires I highly advise you check your mobo manual to see how your usb is wired.
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    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I am laurent, from France. I am really finding here some great support in each hackintosh I built. I started with asus 1001HA and DELL 1012, but since atom is no longer supported by last OSX's, I then stepped forward to build my desktop hackintosh. I suceeded with 2 gears based on gigabyte mobos and intel core i3 or i7 cpus, both with nvidia gtx 560 and 660ti. Everything is fine, except sleep (working on that), but I have everything I need except sleep. I moded an apple bluetooth thanks to a great topic in insanelymac. Talk to you. Loloxxx
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    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    @ tinbie: thank you so much for your feedback. Would you mind sharing a bit more with the community like for example: - dsdt file you use ? - a list of you S/L/E and /EXTRA if using so ? - which issue of NBI and NBM did you use ? - all other tweaks you used (e.g. a patched kernel for ATOM support,...) I know this is a lot to ask for, sorry for that (remark: you are not forced to reply ), but regarding my very small experience and lack of skills I do not feel quite confident with an upgrade from 10.6.3 to 10.6.6. I tried to upgrade to 10.6.5 but hoppefully I had a clonezilla backup made just before upgrading, because it was unsuccessfull . Thank you again.
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    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Hi guys, I finally went through a 10.6.4 install on my 1001HA. I have nearly everything working properly except the VGA out. In fact it works in extended desktop mode (asus screen on + external screen on) but not in mirror mode nor in single external screen on. Are you aware about this problem and do you have a solution to that ? Thx for feedback. Ps: I will try the tip concerning the wireless card and give a feedback.