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  1. Applications bundles

    If you've already heard about the mac bundles around the internet, have you bought one? will you buy one in the future and what application would you like to see in them? I'm just wondering. Peace.
  2. iPhone mac remote over internet.

    You can remote control your mac desktop using logmein free edition..
  3. Password storage software for Mac

    I vouch for 1password, great software!
  4. Most addictive Mac games

    Ultima Online T_T.
  5. Starcraft 2

    I manage to run it on my macbroo pro, with 2gb ram. I need a ram upgrade hehe

    hehe awesome, i'll tell my dj friend this tip
  7. Would this setup work?

    Nice setup TBH
  8. Hi everyone.

    Yea.. maybe. I've made a search and it's not written anywhere. They only tell that if we are new user we can only post in the New Users Lounge, but for how long??
  9. Hi everyone.

    Oh, all right then, thanks!
  10. Hi everyone.

    One quick question, when are we granted to post in other forums?
  11. Hi everyone.

    I'm mac converted since 2 years now. I love apple products and i'm looking into this community to learn more about it. So yeah, hello!