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  1. Crappy Battery Life on Laptops

    ^^^ same with me I get around 2 and half hours or more on my Dell Inspiron 8200 without turning down anything.
  2. Universal Requests?

    I havent seen it, would you happened to no where you found this?
  3. Universal Requests?

    Think you could get flash working in Deer Park? Or an x86 build of firefox with flashworking?
  4. Beat me too it!! Thats exactly what I did and it worked like a charm. I have I got a fully working system now wirless, sound (besides graphics accelleration) . Couldnt be happier!!!
  5. Hello everyone, Ive been trying to figure this out for a while and decided that I should ask for some help. I have a Dell Inspiron which has a max res of 1400x1050. When I try that resolution I end up with a scrambled desktop screen. I at first thought I was out of luck until I recently reinstall osx86 with the Release1 dvd. Upon accent dent I tried booting with a res of 1400x1050 but this time in safe mode it worked. But alas I didnt have any luck in a normal boot. What I need help with is finding what kext extention is being loaded in normal boot. I think that if I can somehow find how to make osx boot without what ever extention that is causing a scramble 1400x1050 res my problems will be solved. Any ideas?
  6. Can some one repost this file please?
  7. I have the Belkin Wireless G F5D7011 card and I can comfirm wireless is working!!!! Now all I have to do is expand my partition and my Dell laptop is complete!!
  8. Supported Hardware

    How do you apply the Maxxuss patches?
  9. Supported Hardware

    I have it running on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. The Specs: 1.4 P4 proccessor, sse2 512mb Ram Ati mobility Radion 9000 64mb vram Sound - I think its internal intel but osx recongnizes it as AC97 Screen Resolution: 1280x1024 at 24bit Speed: Excellent Known problems: Laptop supports 1400x1500 in windows but in OSX screen is scrambled. Trying to get Netgear wireless ethernet card (pcmcia slot) working I just need a fix for the bottom 2 and ill be good to go!!