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  1. steam & source games

    i have the same problem with steam or non-steam source games... GraphicsEnabler didn't solve the problem. I am using an ATI 5450 installed with ati5000injector.kext. Any ideas please?
  2. i installed lion gm using this guide but when i boot it after it just loads some files, than reboots. can anybody tell me what to do? right now i just reinstalled SL.
  3. Games without QE and CI

    Chess doesn't work at all without opengl
  4. Games without QE and CI

    I don't have drivers installed. I have an intel 85gm
  5. Games without QE and CI

    Can anyone tell me some games which work without QE and CI? Thanks.
  6. Intel driver

    Is there a driver for intel 82855 and 10.4.10 update for sse2?
  7. nVidia

    Is nVidia 8600 working on osx or not yet?
  8. OSX won't boot

    I tried flagging the partition but the installer doesn't see my keyboard anymore.
  9. OSX won't boot

    I installed uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r3 in my intel laptop but it won't boot. I just see a black screen and a flashing white line in the corner and it stays like this forever. Can anybody please tell me what to do?
  10. Mouse & Keyboard problems

    In windows xp the mouse & keyboard work but when the osx install dvd boots they don't work anymore.
  11. Hello! I want to install osx on my laptop but the mouse & keyboard won't work :censored2: Is there a way i can fix it? Thanks.
  12. Hello! I want to install osx on my laptop but the mouse & keyboard won't work :censored2: Is there a way i can fix it? Thanks.
  13. Problem with 10.4.6

    I installed osx 10.4.6. If i install without patches it boots and shows the non smoking sign over mac. If install with patches it boots and loads some things then the screen goes black and the computer restarts. What should I do? Thanx