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  1. I have the ATI FirePRO V3700 that came with my HP Workstation, I do plan on upgrading to the ATI Radeon 5770 or the 5870 within a few months. But I need to know if this Gfx card is supported, I'm sure it was once used in the Mac PRO at one point as it was once the top gfx card by ATI. Any help is appreciated
  2. Snow Leopard Resets Time in Windows

    It's a known problem, Mac has it's way of setting time differently and it's setup differently than windows. You'll have to reset the time everytime when you're windows.
  3. OSX does have equalizers but there worth a pretty penny, but Mac has it's own look and windows has a shiny plastic looking GUI. As for audio cards in OS X, no. But there is Apps for it.
  4. Can my laptop run osx86?

    The GFX card isn't supported but I have seen the same config boot into OS X, it's tricky but it can be done. Look it up on Google.
  5. Help me with DSDT, 201 Errors

    Have you tried doing a restore as it's hinting as somethings missing.
  6. HP Z800

    I'm lucky to have a Machine that can run Mac OS X without any hardware changes, but.. I don't know which install method to choose from. I own a Legal copy of OS X which arrived today in the mail and I have a 1TBHDD that has yet to be put into my machine. My Z800 has the tray and not the slot-loading DVD/RW drive and I can't upgrade to blu-ray as OSX doesn't support it as they're offering 1080p downloads. That's Okay..for apple tv, but not if you want to own a physical copy. So, I just need a little help installing that's all.
  7. Is your machine natively 64-bit? Or are you running VMWare in 32bit?
  8. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm Rukiri. Waited until I got a 1TB HDD and Mac OS X.
  9. The Best Bootloader

    I have the HP Z800, and on Friday I get paid so I was going to buy a 1TB HDD and OS X. Here's the specs of my machine at this time, any upgrades will be based around the current mac pro. CPU: Intel Xeon E5504 Ram: 6GB(going to upgrade to 10 this weekend) HDD: 1X 1TB. 1X 160GB(this came with the machine) GPU: ATI FirePro V3700 Motherboard: Server, has 2CPU slots(1336), can support 12-cores(well if theres 2X 1336 based cpus..I unno I recommend if anyone upgrades their machines MAKE sure your using the Mac PRO or any Mac Machine for upgrades, or if your at the highest just wait until 2012 for the next Mac PRO refresh.
  10. Shutdown acts as restart

    What you could do WHEN it starts too reboot is simply just hit the power button. It'll instantly power off, a simple fix.
  11. Hey everyone, really nice allowing Mac OS X to be used on Pcs. And I'm glad I chose a workstation over building my machine.. while I could easily make one it's just more prof. on the inside as it is on the outside. I plan on upgrading my Gfx card to the ATI 5870 and plan on updating to one of the newer xeons maybe a 6-core? I'm running on a intel Xeon e5504 which I think is awesome and compared well with a lower end i7! I'm basically trying to update my workstation so it's practically on par with the current Mac Pro(God I love apple but I love the Z800 more as a workstation, I just love the OS..would be nice to have the chassis though.) If anyone can help me out on what CPU to upgrade I'm thinking of just using what the 12 core has(obviously buying 1 at a time..) And selling the e5504 to anyone that want's a good CPU(It's very nice! ran moder warfare 2 without a sweat!) I'm basically planning for my Z800 to turn into a Mac Pro, I love the z800 as it offers STILL more customization and it will last me much much longer than the mac pro will. My Z800 is from late 2009 or early 2010. I purchased it in February of 2010 and I love it death! Never failed on me, never crashed at all! This is my first experience with a xeon and I can say I'll NEVER use a consumer cpu again(core i7 for example)