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  1. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    woah, that's hard to tell you. I would have to look up from where I have that one I am using on my 1000HE. What I can tell you for sure, is that for upgrading to OS X 10.6.8 you will have to use a modified kernel as the hardware support is different. And here some problems may appear...
  2. Sleep and backlight problems on 1000HE with 10.6.8

    it is from here: http://osx86.co/f36/my-asus-eeepc-1000he-and-how-i-installed-t6316/ (the only thing that was modified was Device (PNLF). It is that one, I am using now and since the beginning. I see that I didn't removed "1201N.DSDT.aml" how it was in the tutorial. May this affect something? I have installed OS X through my own method: , but the tutorials on bikingbrian.com helped me a lot...
  3. Sleep and backlight problems on 1000HE with 10.6.8

    Yes, that's exactly what I wrote. But after adding "Device (PNLF)" the problem is that the screen brightness is much too high. Even on the lowest setting in System Preferences. It's really not usable for longer than some minutes and hurts in the eyes.
  4. Sleep and backlight problems on 1000HE with 10.6.8

    I have attached the DSDT.aml I am using now with 10.6.8 and that I used with 10.6.7. I would need to have a look where I have have it from. It should be used, if the netbook has 2 GB RAM. The add of "Device (PNLF)" is the only modification I have done. PS: I'm sorry, it seems as I am not able to attach anything to the posts. You can find the DSDT.aml here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/95990477/DSDT.aml And the screenshot from IOReg here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/95990477/Bildschirmfoto%202012-10-25%20um%2021.23.51.png Thanks already, schumi1331
  5. Hello everyone since Safari crashed every time, when I wanted to start watching the iPad mini keynote on Tuesday on my 1000HE with 10.6.7 installed, I decided to finally upgrade to 10.6.8. I installed the combo update, patched the mach_kernel following prasys' blog entry about that, and reinstalled some kexts, as sound and sleep were not working correctly (used the same ones as in 10.6.7). So now everything is working, but wakeup after sleep not correctly: The display with login form appears, but the backlight is off and you need to restart the netbook to turn it on. To fix this, I found the following solution from here (http://code.google.c...etail?id=227#c9) patching the dsdt.aml and adding Device (PNLF)... Result is that the light goes on now after sleep and that I cannot change the brightness anymore with Fn keys, but through System Preferences (set up F5/F6 as hotkeys for that; the sun overlayer appears too, just like on a real MacBook). The problem now is, that the backlight is too bright, using to much energy and hurting in the eyes after some seconds. After a longer research I checked the settings for "AppleBacklightDisplay" in IOReg. Where users in another posts have there maximum values like 0x90 for example, my one is a lot higher (see attached screenshot). If I understood correctly, this value is loaded from IOGraphicsFamily.kext. I tried to use another one through Kext Helper, but this caused a double panic at start up, so I changed it back. Can you help me, in in turning backlight on without DSDT-modification causing the bright screen, or how to change this values, which seem to be the one managing the display brightness. It's an 1000HE with 2 GB RAM and a GMA950. 10.6.8 is running with only this problem. If you need any further info, please tell me. Best Regards and thanks already, schumi1331
  6. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    hello again, I got now Snow Leopard 10.6.7 fully working: -connect your HDD from your netbook with a mac -run the installation (10.6.0) for mac and select the HDD as the installation path -run netbook installer using only chameleon and general extensions -build the HDD into the netbook again, and start it, run the combo update to 10.6.7, run netbook installer again, using the same things -restart (eventually you need to do this with recovery=y), and put the kexts into the folders... everything works just fine, but I have one, important question: how do the boot process work? because I want to install now XP as dual boot, and the boot camp assistent doesn't work with the netbook would it be enough to install XP now on a second partition, and in boot.ini add Snow Leopard to boot from via normal start up? like dual booting XP and Vista or 7 or Linux on a normal PC?
  7. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    ah, ok but when I buy now an Upgrade-DVD, it will have a newer version than 10.6.1, I think will the kexts and the guide also work then?
  8. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    I'm reading this guide and want to try out with my 1000HE... But I have one question, for which I couldn't find any answer: "Retail" means the version for 29 €/$ or the full pack for 125€/$ ?
  9. Can not boot into 10.5.2 after installation

    that means I have to install OSX new? which kernel do I need to select then?
  10. Hello, I have installed Mac OS X 10.5.2 on my PC, but cannot boot into it. When booting with the install DVD I'm getting that screen: When booting with Chain, I get that error: With a booting disk (I'm not sure now, which it was) I get that screen: The installation worked without any problems. I think, I do something wrong, or forgot something, but I don't know what I hope, someone can help me... Greetings schumi1331 PS: My PC: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (SSE 1,2,3) (1,8 GHz) 1 GB RAM ATI Radeon 9600 (256 MB)