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    ATI HD 5770

    Okay guys let me say this, thanks A LOT !!! Lots of incredibly helpful people in here. I got it working on the second time in 64 bit. I first used the UAKARI FB with ATY!init in 32 bit (-x32) with a seemingly heavy booter (boot file was 600kb or sg) and forgot the ATI GL Bundle. What am I using now ? The boot7 mentionned before and the rom for the Sapphire HD5770 that i just put in extra. I replaced all the values of Uakari in the file with Vervet and it worked like a charm ! Only pb my hdmi port seems to be displaying an extended desktop so i'm using dvi
  2. Hi guys, I've been reading the posts here for quite a while and found myself in need of help so I registered ! My motherboard is a GA-EP45-UD3P with the F9 bios I've used LeoHazard's distro of 10.6.3 on 64 bit with correct bios settings updated to 10.6.4 and changed the SleepEnabler so it wouldn't KP. Right now everything works fine except that i can't get a better resolution than 1Kx700 because my ATI HD 5770 is recognized as a 4890 (should still be able to get a better resolution tho so i don't get it either) and my sound isn't working : Here's my problem (can't seem to be able to print screen, saves nothing on desktop ) : But there is also a second one just below However, there is "No output devices found" in the Output tab of my sound system preferences... I've tried many different things. My DSDT is edited to include the HDEF, I tried with multiple AppleHDAs now i've got the original one. I also have LegacyHDA for the ALC889a (the DSDT and previous AppleHDAs were for it too), and the HDAEnabler without which it won't recognize my sound chip. I've emptied the cache and recalculated the Extensions.mkext file with kextcache. Got any idea of what i should do ?