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  1. Personal File Sharing & Samba

    The very first time i opened connect to server something strange happened. Like the finder window opened then closed. Tried it again and it works. Yeah, weird.
  2. Personal File Sharing & Samba

    Personal file sharing is the only thing that fails. What systems are you trying to share data between? As a workaround use windows file sharing: \\ip\shortname for access. Also, smb through the connect to server does work for me. I'm using the JaS 10.4.7 DVD.
  3. Good Bye

    Damn, less than 48 hours after i get back into OS X someone leaves. I don't even wanna know what happenned to maxxuss. I remember the deadmoo days (when installing was a PITA) and remember JaS. Little did i suspect the dude was gonna blow up and help make the easiest install ever. I can understand why he's leaving. In my comp sci classes, there are always people hounding the professors for easy answers. I wouldn't have the patience. It's always easier to bug someone for the answer than researching something. It took me less than a day to get my install fully working (install, OGL fix QE!, and battery monitor) and i did it all without asking a single question (and the last person i would ask is JaS). Trust me when i say that though our paths may never cross and though we may never pm you we do appreciate the time and dedication you've put into your releases. Software engineering is difficult, even more so when only one person seems to take the brunt of the attacks.
  4. I did not use any additional software besides the 10.4.7 (JaS) iso. I did a similiar install a very long time ago ago with an early iso of 10.4.x. How? When i installed XP months ago i left unallocated space available. Last night i used XP's disk management to create and format a primary partition(FAT32). I then booted from the OS X dvd, erased this partition using disk util, and proceded to install OS X. Hardware: IBM T40. Only natch was the Darwin bootload immediately booting OSX. Pressing F8 will luckily bring up the boot loader and XP was more than happy to load.
  5. And what *damage* do you think can possible occur? If your install fails, use the restore disk your Mac came with. Couldn't be freaking easier. It doesn't seem to modify the Apple EFI at all, if it did there would be a huge ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK plastered all over that read me. The only risk people are taking is down time having to reinstall OS X if the XP install fails. You think so many people would eagerly jump the gun if it could *kill* their Mac? Didn't mean to sound so negative, i sure wish i had a MBP to try it. Congrats to all and how about a more technical write up for us that can only watch? Blanka, can you please tell me what is your XP theme?
  6. Another Maxxuss Patch

    Someone that has gotten to know Maxxuss, or someone that Maxxuss' trusts, needs to do a story for 2600. Right now he is just blowing up. Mad props, and i'm happy that i can at last understand the assembly code, finally
  7. Install OSx86 on your iPod

    One of the coolest things you could do on a Mac was boot using firewire target disk mode. Good to see it coming back. You could plug a firewire cable from one mac to another, and be able to see the other's hard drive on your hard drive. It's been a long time since i've done it, but it's always been one the coolest things you could do on a mac.
  8. RDF! Not all of us are like that! I think that future macs will of course use OTS intel chipsets just like Dell's use: intel chipsets with sometimes oddball only-useable-in-a-Dell mobo/psu/case.
  9. SJ really has you. Have you owned a mac made in the last 5 years? Aside from the battery fiasco, the iPod is the best thing Apple has made. SJ guides Apple with an iron fist. Before the G5 was released, and even now that it's grown kinda stale, Apple's real priority is making the best looking computers. The best built? Man, you have never owned a mac! I could go on and on. I've used OS X from the very beginning. I wonder how long it will take pc users to go insane from having to use drag and drop to move files (or the terminal).
  10. I can open and close the lid on my thinkpad and everything is fine. Touchpad, ethernet, sound all check. I'm not used to QE or CI so not having them isn't a big deal to me. Scared of even installing?
  11. Stuck on a pc? We're not stuck since we already have hardware. Besides working drivers, i don't need much more from OS X. If i want additional apps i can get them through Fink. My current setup performs better than my now-sold powerbook so i don't really care about new OS features. I don't see much more coming from OS X in the next year. Quartz 2D Extreme will work by then but so what? More eyecandy that you have to use 3rd party tools to disable. No thanks. I refuse to by another powerbook at almost any price. Until Apple makes a powerbook that can be used on the go without worrying about scratching its pretty little paint, i know i'm not alone in refusing to buy another one. In a perfect world Apple would make an upgraded clone of the Thinkpad. Black, good hinges, looks goodin black.
  12. Well, yeah the thinkpad, like my T-40 has an intel chipset. Plenty of threads have discussed QE not working or non-intel ATA kexts not loading by default.
  13. Install without DVD Burner

    You don't need a dvd player or burner to install from a patched dev dvd. You do need the proper dev deadmoo iso, and it is not 6GB. Where to get this will not be discussed here. You will need to use daemon tools to mount the iso. You will install through vmware but you should do a search before even attempting this since you will have to use diskutil. Here is what i did: I had one hard drive (2 partitions) and no dvd player. 1) WinXP already on first partition. 2) Changed logical second partition into a primary partition and formatted as fat32. 3) Changed type of second partition to AF using a knoppix boot cd. (may not be necessary but i did this anyway) 4) Using vmware create a new freebsd virtual machine and add your entire physical disk. (you better read other threads on how to do this) 5) mount your iso using daemon tools and add this virtual drive to your vmware freebsd virtual machine. 6) Boot the freebsd virtual machine and boot from the virtual dvd drive. 7) Once the installer has booted go into the file menu and use diskutil to format your partition to HFS+. This is the most dangerous step. Make sure only your future OS X partition is highlighted and not the entire drive. Even if done correctly your xp installation may get hosed. Don't come crying to me if XP won't boot. 8) do a custom install, you don't all the printer drivers. 9) After installation is complete shut down the virtual machine and add OSX to XP's boot loader via the chain0 method. Again, read step 7 twice. Diskutil has been known to foul a working system so you should be prepared to hose XP. It has fouled the systems of much smarter people than me, so you've been warned.
  14. It ruled backed then and it still rules!
  15. Have you read any threads? By default nforce boards do not have proper ATA kexts loaded hence the atrocious disk transfer rate. But you can change this and get respectable speed. OTOH, intel boards do have the proper kext loaded, for the most part. OGL may work on some ATI cards, while Nvidia peeps are SOL for the forseeable future. And of course QE is not enabled.