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  1. vladislav korotnev

    A good Hack laptop below $800?

    Found a Dell N5110 locally, seems to suit my needs just fine, up to 10.11 too with a beefy 1TB HDD and 256Go SSD, exactly $600. Thanks for your help
  2. vladislav korotnev

    A good Hack laptop below $800?

    The link does not show any search results
  3. vladislav korotnev

    A good Hack laptop below $800?

    Hello All, I'm looking for a laptop to buy for Hackintoshing, with a budget of $800. The primary use for it is Logic X, web surfing, Photoshop, sometimes occasional video editing. I have been looking through local catalogs to no avail, but most of the laptops out there carry AMD graphics nowadays which AFAIK don't work on OSX anymore? Maybe someone knows a good laptop under $800 that can run OSX and Logic well? Many thanks in advance!
  4. vladislav korotnev

    Files went missing, FIPS error on boot and shutdown

    Here is the system log for the whole day. The crash started after I clicked "Allow access" for the applescript in the System Preferences. (Or, in particular, when I clicked 'Later' in the dialog asking for donation). I also restored /var by making a symlink to /private/var and the same for /etc. Now all it does is wait for DSMOS... Gotta see if restoring the old kernelcache would help... And yeah, gotta buy new RAM/Audio/GPU just to be safe of this ****. Okay, it did boot after removing the 10.9 kernel, supposedly from the 10.9.3 kernelcache. Now I just need a 10.9.3 image from App Store to get the kernel back. Thanks for all the help! system.log.zip
  5. Hello everyone. Ever since I built my Hack back in 2012, it was my main computer, running smoothly except for sometimes when it hung with a nasty beep in audio (probably either kX drivers or bad RAM or GPU). Yesterday I updated from 10.9 to 10.9.3 and after fiddling with graphics kexts I was back to work again. Today I was doing nothing but listening to some music in iTunes, and when I tried to copy a track from a playlist with an applescript from Doug's, it did, but opening Finder to the folder where I copied it left me with an empty window with a spinning wheel. Suddenly all tabs in Chrome started crashing, then QuicklookUIHelper crashed too. Any attempt to restart Chrome left out with a crash instantly. I did a hard-poweroff and when I tried to boot, it went up to where it checks the HDD and then shut down (with the proper 'CPU halted' and such). I powered it back on and it shown me '/mach_kernel not found'. With kernelcache it booted and powered off just the same. I got a 10.9 USB and copied mach_kernel from it using Single-user mode. Then I started with ignoring caches. It showed me a lot of lines, but then still, it boots up to the fsck disk check, then shows a 'FIPS POST Integrity Error' and halts. Also when booting via single-user, I notice that /var is missing. Is this even recoverable or my only option is backing up all work data and music collection (that will be 500+ gigabytes, yuck!) and reinstalling? Tried almost all combinations of boot-args in addition to my standard '-v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes (tried No as well) darkwake=1'. Thanks in advance!
  6. vladislav korotnev


    Works with Z77-DS3H?
  7. vladislav korotnev

    Nostalgia — Installing Tiger on a relatively modern Hack?

    Hm, shouldn't processors be backwards-compatible? Why does XP boot on an i7 then? up: people do it fine: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/271372-its-possible-to-get-tiger-on-core-i5i7/
  8. Hello guys. I bet everyone sometimes got that desire to go back in time and use something you used to a couple of years ago. For me, one of those things is OS 10.4 (and its sleek Front Row!). However since I have repurposed my 2006 MBP into an HTPC, I cannot install it on anything anymore. But what if we could do it on our new shiny Hackintoshes? So, the question is, will the Tiger run on: • Core i3 3.1Ghz • Gigabyte GA-z77-DS3H • Latest chameleon (on external USB drive — i prefer to keep any kind of bootloader off my HDD, so it wouldn't mess up) • Alongside 10.8.2 • With Audigy2 Platinum (AFAIR kX drivers were written exactly for 10.4) • GFX card is a non-branded nVidia GeForce GT 440, had the 'screen goes to sleep' bug but it seems either npci=0x2000 darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=1 or Natit fixed it I hope it will, but could please someone give a more specific answer? That would be awesome if it would work (not to mention it's gonna be F A S T ) Thanks!
  9. vladislav korotnev

    Black screen on booting installer on z77-DS3H + GT 440

    I have put in Natit and used '-v npci=0x2000 darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=1 -f' The installer, and the system, worked fine afterwards. QE/CI do as well, 30FPS in Motion/FinalCut. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hello. I built a machine on GA-z77-ds3h + GT440 + i3-2120. When I try to boot installer either made with this or other methods, which cannot be named here for some reason, using my macbook pro, I get a black screen (No Signal) exactly after the line of MAC address pops up. I tried all combinations of: -v -f -s -x GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 cpus=2 and only single-user worked until i 'exit'ed. The i3's graphics are surely disabled. What can I try? Thanks.
  11. vladislav korotnev

    OSX86 on an Acer Aspire 5560?

    Hello everyone, I am new to hackintosh since I have a MacBook already, but recently I've got a pretty decent laptop, the Aspire 5560, but with a broken screen. In 20 minutes of some screwdriver work, I've turned it into a HalfBook (Notebook PC => LCD removed => HalfBook PC ) and now I need to put it to use. It runs Ubuntu 10.10 now, but I want to turn it into a Mac (One is never enough for me, as you can tell from my tries to run OSX86 on a non-SSE CPU ). I tried Mac OS X 10.5.4 KALYWAY disc I had lying around and collecting dust for almost two years. For some reason, it failed to even boot. No console output, nothing. Just a black screen. I tried Empire EFI + 10.6 Retail. However, the installer said "Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer. So I decided to ask here for help. Could please anyone suggest me a OSX86 build or any other way to install OSX on that Halfbook ? Acer Aspire 5560 specifications: CPU: Intel Centrino Duo @ 1600MHz /SSE2,3 supported/ RAM: 1.5 GB Chipset: Intel® 945PM Express HDD: 80GB Seagate SATA disk DVD: MAT{censored}A Slot-In Drive (Yes yes, exactly like the one on a Macbook Pro ) Video: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 /128Mb/ Screen: 14.4" LCD screen LCD was cut off, now a 1024x768 ViewSonic WiFi: Some intel card (I really need wifi, but can live without it if LAN is OK) Sound: As far as I remember, Intel HD Audio. Any help is much appreciated. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum section. Thanks!
  12. vladislav korotnev

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    KVM does the exact thing
  13. vladislav korotnev

    PearPC for Mac OS X (Intel)?

    Make an image and use SheepShaver with a PowerPC ROM
  14. vladislav korotnev

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    THIS is very impossible
  15. vladislav korotnev

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    I know and expected for it just to boot and show off, not to be used as a main system. Any emulator makes things slower. I already have a Mac