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  1. Excellent, Worked on my toshibe satellite A305 laptop with full QE/CI. Thanks bro!!
  2. mas0h


    Guys, The torrent is there on demon, but you have to change the state of the search from seeded to both. the seeder sometimes goes offline ...
  3. Very Nice idea, it will help alot of people here
  4. mas0h

    Post YOUR instructions....

    walterav, thanks so much Finally i've got my AGP FX5200 128 MB fully working with QE/CI My system is Intel865 prel P4 2.4 GHZ SSE2, kernel 8.8.1 b9 JaS 10.4.7 DVD Then upgraded to 10.4.8 with the compo package from #KERNEL Followed you step-by-step GUIDE especially the loginwindow.app part thanks again.. BTW, i tried Natit and it didn't work also tried AGPGART with Titan and it works but without QE/CI Titan worked great for my system..
  5. Hi, after upgrading to the new SSE2 beta kernel 8.8.1 with 10.4.8 my photoshop CS wont start. it loads for a second and nothing happened.. tried reinstalling, even reinstalling the whole system with the 8.8.1 kernel. anyone facing something like that ??
  6. mas0h

    How to delete Kext file using terminal

    mount -uw / rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/****.kext
  7. mas0h

    [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    Hey, i have successfully upgraded to the new b9 kernel and booted into my system without problems with fresh install of JaS 10.4.7 SSE2 patches and decrypts and then applied the JaS compo package with thesemx b9 kernel included. every thing seems to be just fine tested itunes, quicktime, about this mac, and safari. all worked great.. but i want to at least to be able to change the resolution of my screen so i installed macvidia. now it wont boot into the GUI and it gives me the SHUTDOWN messege with many languages. any suggestions ? my system Intel 865 PREL P4 2.4 SEE2 NorthWood , 512 KB cache 512 MB DDR Memory MSI GEFORCE 4 FX5200 128 MB onboard soundmax ==> Working RTL 1389 ethernet card ==> Working
  8. mas0h

    Microsoft keyboard key ?

    Sorry, i thought the option key isn't assigned by default to the ms key.. cheers..
  9. mas0h

    Microsoft keyboard key ?

    Have you ever heard of the limitation of the modifier key.. If you have not . please take a look at the picture you've just posted and see ..
  10. mas0h

    Microsoft keyboard key ?

    thanks pal. i'll try it ..
  11. mas0h

    Microsoft keyboard key ?

    Guys, you got me all wrong i have microsoft keyboard and i wanna make use of the microsoft key. when i press that key it gives me the action of the command key on apple keybords.. in mac os x clearly, i want to assign the command key with the microsoft keyboard key in mac os x , like a patch or something.. example : command + C ====> copy command + V ====> paste i want it to be like: microsoft key + C ====> copy microsoft key + V ====> paste simple cheers..
  12. Is it possible to replace the command key with microsoft key in the keyboard ? it would be great if it is .. thanks.
  13. just wondering, why using that complicated slow Acronis os selector instead of chain0 method . because if the OSX partition is made primary it should boot smoothly with chain0.(worked with me). BTW, this my first post in your comunity.. cheers.