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  1. EEEPC 1000H with OSx86?

    Sorry to Necro-bump, but can someone help me? It's about a performance issue in windows XP after flashing the custom BIOS. Back when my machine was in a vanilla state, I could play 720p MKV on Wind XP video using the programs 'KMPlayer' and super-fast software codec 'Core AVC' and would play with almost no frame-drops and only 70-80% CPU. I know I know, whats the point in 720p on a 10 inch screen? I use my 1000h on an external monitor Plus I dont want to transcode all my media for watching on the go. Since I have installed hackintosh, I have since gone BACK to XP since I got an actual Mac. However now that my Netbook is back on XP, I have it set up the exact same before with all the same versions of XP/software I used to have however now it can't play 720p MKV. The frame rate is now very slow and the video slows down and loses audio sync. For reference my mother also has a Netbook of the same spec as the 1000h that I configured with KMP and Core-AVC and it is as fast as my 1000h used to be before BIOS upgrade. Is there any way to go back to the original BIOS? I tried but it tells me it's too old. Please help! PS- the reason I blame BIOS for the problem is it's the only thing that's changed from how my Netbook used to be configured when I set it up with XP last time and the current set-up of XP Best regards, Dropsphere