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  1. sooo easy thanx for your information and file it was the easy time i install mac on my hp laptop i wonder really did apple decided to support hackintosh world LOL
  2. didnt work what is kext u have in extra folder ? and s/l/e ? i removed voddahda and install the one you upload with kext utillity and repaird permision but as the pic the audio appera in about this mac but not work i dont know where is the problem !
  3. thanx oskr66 for replying yeah the only dsdt worked with me is yours but i cant fix my audio with applehda first as your model like mine coud you plz tell me what is kext in your extra folder and what kext you install in s/l/e if you can help me by collect them and upload them here for me i ll appreciate that and did you try 10.8.2 i think patched kernel is complicated something else i have 8 gb ram do i have to add any thing in dsdt ?
  4. is there any guide to patch the kernel for lapic ? i hope we can do it or try to learn it and about batching dsdt i need some one help me patching my dsdt for my HP DV8t-1100 CTO (VF836AAR) cuz i am using the one from here it works good but i believe that is another model than mine so that my patched applehda didnt work thanx great forum for all your help
  5. hi all i found a way to INSTAL 10.8.1 AND EVERY THING WORKED OKAY but audio i used vodoohda and it worked but when booting if the flag is not -v will not see the audio i tried to upgrade for 10.8.2 but it gives me kernel panic any one try update or we should wait for patched kernel thanx
  6. great that you have your system running i have the same hp and i am on 10.7.4 i need to know steps how to instal ml if you can help me thanx
  7. so the card we have not working and i think i ll not go to your card coz it will not fit the place do any one have a successful another card ? supd i solved my kb problem by using kext utility and repairing permission with disk utility i figured that the problem happend with me when i used pfix so try it and tell me
  8. hi mammoth i bought this wi fi card and installed it Broadcom BCM94322 / Dell DW 1510 PCIe but didn't work with me do u have any idea about that
  9. hi mammoth hi all i have a big and weird problem as i am not expert i am asking you to help me if you know what is it about okay every thing going okay when installing with the method until i install protools le 8 or hd 9 then when restarting i got kb not booting until i use -f when booting and of course many things as usb device not working when i am booting with -f tried many time to pfix and repair permission restart no way i installed from scratch 3 times with the same result when installing protools here is the kb pic if someone can help me figure how can i solve it thanx all
  10. thanx man i just ordered one from ebay 20$ but are you sure it will work ? about temp of processor it was working with me in 10.6.4 from previous guise is there any way to monitor processor temp ?
  11. plz tell me what wifi card you will buy cuz i want to buy one but dont know which will work with me thanx another thing did the processor temp show with you in i state ? final your work mammoth you are our hero thanx man
  12. Mammoth great work follow your guide and it is more than useful thanx for your effort now all thing running very good ! wow there are one thing not a big deal but if you know about it the temperature of my cpu didnt show in i stat so i cant monitor cpu temperature other working okay really thanx man !!!
  13. Mammoth you reallly doing GREAT work here thanx
  14. i tried NEW mother board for another machine using hd 2 ( msi x58 platinum ) i am testing it right now and until now every thing is okay i am looking for adding anothr accel card and sure i will need expansion chassis for that did any one try expansion chassis with hackintosh ? magma ? or other one ! please tell me what about this MAGMA MIX SYSTEM EXPANSION PCI7RX 7 SLOT
  15. hi all after reading every post on this topic the only solution for Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell is by renaming the rom file from one of the posts (8800gt) to 10de_0614.rom and put it in extra folder and adding plist with <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>yes</string> <key>UseNvidiaROM</key> <string>yes</string> <key>VBIOS</key> <string>yes</string> i tested and i confirmed that is worked for me i have 32 samsung connecting with hdmi by dvi/hdmi converter with another old samsung monitor connecting by vga the 2 monitors working good !! any one did as i did ??? any update ?!!! thanx for all