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  1. Would you be so kind and write which system definitions are affected by this? I mean which EHC1/EHC2 can be removed without any problems from dsdt? I'm using iMac 14,3 and want to create a dsdt for EC. Thanks in advance Huberer
  2. Hello Mieze, thanks for the answer and testing. I'm pretty sure that I've tested the C-states-settings without undervolting and the result was the same. I will do this test again (without uv) to be 100% sure. I know that uv can cause stability issues but I do it just with small steps to be at the safe side. My system is not a real server because most time my hackintosh idles around and that's why did this testing. Nethertheless it's not a big issue I just wanted to know how I can resolve this matter. Thanks again Huberer
  3. Hello Mieze, first of all I want to say thank you for your hard and perfect work. I really enjoy using your network drivers (which I did before with the Realtek and the Intel ones). Everything runs great but I found an issue. Don't know if it is driver or bios related. As you can see in my sig I'm using an Asrock B85M-ITX like you do (and this was also a reason why I've bought it). I use this mobo because of it's good power savings settings. One of my tests are if I could get the C7 state of the CPU (i7-4770S). Therefore I've enabled everything in Bios (Advanced=> CPU Configuration). You can see it on the screen shot. With this settings, and some undervolting, I can get an idle power consumption of around 9,1 watts (with monitor off). It looks like that Yosemite is able to use C7 state. But unfortunatelly download speed falls down to around 300-400 KBit/s. Normally I've around 3000 KBit's (I only have a 30Mbit internet connection). It looks like that the onboard lan is only using 100Mbit instead of Gigabit. To find a reason why it is like that it's the "Package C State Support" under CPU Configuration/Advance in Bios. When I change this option to "disable" or to "Auto" I've the full download speed again. Unfortunately the power consumption rises to around 15 watts in idle and monitor off. Even when I change from C7 to C6 in "Package C State Support" the same issue remain. Only idle is around 11 watts. Do you knwo why it is like that and is there a chance to use both (C7 and fast download)? Thanks in advance Huberer
  4. Hallo Mieze (äh sorry, I mean hello ) your driver (v2.0.0d2) runs perfect with Mavericks 10.9.5 and Intel i217 onboard on GA Z87MX-D3H. Here a screen shot of a 5GB test to a Synology DS1010+ NAS with SynologyRaid (similar Raid5 - with the "slow" WD green drives) over gigabit-ethernet.
  5. I also can't get the driver to load under ML 10.8.5. I patched it, rebuild cache and repaired permissions several times, removed all necessary networking settings but no chance. Will also check my DSDT maybe it's because of that.
  6. @Mieze: Do you have any news? I think your above mentioned describtion is not compatible with the 10.8.5 kext. See my post above.
  7. Thanks for the info. I try to patch the driver from ML 10.8.5 (before the supplemental update was released). Just a quick feed back before I leave. I just could find the string from the third point: e8 22 90 ff ff but it's in A5A8. The others (1st and second patch) aren't there. Which version did you use Mieze? (OT: I have to leave - will check here again tomorrow)
  8. Thanks, I thought that these are the files to edit. But the next problem is that I don't find the strings. Either with hexfind nor with hexedit. They only show me 8 figures instead of 10 you posted above. Which binary editor do you use?
  9. Sorry, but this is too high for me. Where do I find these instructions? I think I've opened every single data file within the IONetworkingFamily.kext with hexedit but can't find the right place to patch
  10. Hello Mieze, today I finally found the time to try to do your patches but I stuck at the "tricky part". You say that ii's necessary to patch the pci configuration space. But this is the problem. Where can I find it. It tried to hexedit IONetworkingFamily and IOPCIFamiliy.kext but I can't find the correct place to edit. Would you be so kind to show me the way to find this "pci configuration space" Thanks in advance Huberer
  11. Thanks for posting. Will patch and test the kext in the next days.
  12. Hello, can someone be so kind and explain how I can patch the original IONetworkingFamily.kext for Broadcom bcm57781 to get it work under ML 10.8.5? The one in the database from osx86 doesn't work. Thanks in advance Huberer
  13. Hello Alex, are there any news in progress with bcm57781? I'm having the Asrock Z77E-ITX with bcm57781 LAN and with your v2.3.5 kext I face the same problems which HazMat has (using Mountain Lion 10.8.5). I get the similar IP-address instead of 192.168.1.x. Adding the IP and subnet manuell doesn't work either. I've added the kext to S/L/E. How can I get my lan-card to work prober with your kext? @HazMatt which kext do you use? Your link in your post just show the start page of osx86 Thanks in advance Huberer
  14. Hello ugokind, first of all thank you for your efforts. It's amazing what you're doing. Because of this thread I also want to set up a HackMac with the Zotac 9300-ITX K-E as a HTPC (I still have two Hackintosh running) Therefore I've some question: Will this board good enough for using as a Media-PC running Plex on it? Are there any issues with the onboard GPU for HDMI (Video + Audio) output especially for 1080p material? Is the problem with the LAN after sleep solved? (maybe you should enable Smart Lan in the Bios). thanks in advance Huberer