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  1. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    If anybody was already said this I do apologies, I first noticed that there was 3 pages after I had wrote this. I would like to start by apologies for any bad grammar, I am from Denmark and therefore English is not my first language. I doubt that Sora is actual centre of the story, I also doubt it is Riku or Mickey. I think that you guys keep on forgetting Kairi, please correct me if I am wrong but: -1: Kairi managed to travel between worlds and come to destiny island from Hollow Bastian (in KH you see that she sits in the library with her grandmother). -2: Kairi managed to connect her heart with Sora (maybe this is nor important) -3: she is one of the princesses of heart, you know: the path to kingdom hearts -4: as far as I can remember, and it is a long time since I played KH so maybe I am wrong. In KH you witness a scene where Kairis grandmother tells a story to Kairi about the light and how everything was once happy and the world was not divided. But then people wanted the light for them self, and anger and hatred darkened the world and it got separated. A key is able to unlock but also able to lock things. Maybe it was someone who wielded the keyblade who divided the world (the keybearer that brought chaos). And now the world is waiting for the keybearer who will restore peace, maybe it is Kairi, how else would her grandmother know of this? You see that Kiari gets a keyblade. Maybe the secret ending is taking place just after the world has been divided, but don’t know the purpose of this is, maybe the AF was those who wanted the light but could not get it, and by each claiming a key that can open the door to light they keep anybody else from getting it???. This is of cause not thought through, but would it not make sense that Kairi is the true keybearer? Her heart was able to pull Sora back from his state as a heartless and Riku claims that the keyblade chooses the strongest heart, maybe Sora can only use the keyblade because his heart is so close connected with Kairis.